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With the continuous development of today’s society and the development of the company’s business, it is necessary to work or live in remote areas It may require constant migration. At this time, traditional concrete buildings can no longer meet people’s needs. This has also stimulated people’s new thinking about living space. Relocatable modular buildings are a new kind of building, it is a kind of house that can be assembled easily and moved flexibly.

The scope of application of container houses is very wide, such as temporary office, temporary construction of activities, post-disaster reconstruction, construction site dormitory, temporary construction of scenic spots, activity business sites, long-term residence, etc.


Relocatable and Demountable Buildings

K-Home has always been a leader in the prefabricated building industry. The temporary modular container is our core competitiveness.

The Demountable Buildings evolved on the basis of the shipping container, which is connected with the column and the top and bottom beams by fastening screws. Because the components of the container house are installed in the factory and installed at the construction site. So the transportation is very convenient. Especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites. Moreover, the modular container size is flexible and can be customized according to the size of the land. It will be a very convenient and low-cost solution for projects that need to relocate the site multiple times.

What Can K-Home Provide You With?

1. Professional design drawings and internal layout

We have a professional technical team and design team. Our engineers will produce and design the safest and strongest considered house for you in accordance with building mechanics and national safety regulations.

2. Factory Price

We are professional direct manufacturers with decades of years of experience. Every component is manufactured by us. Our factory is located in Xiaodian industry park, Xinxiang city, Henan province, which is the source of temporary modular building. So with the same quality, our price is lower.

3. Quality After-sales Service

We have a professional installation team. Before the epidemic, we often send technicians to help customers complete the installation. Now because of the epidemic, it is difficult to send an installation team abroad to assist. We also have detailed installation instructions and videos. Any inexperienced worker can install the container house according to our installation documents without any problems.

Relocatable Modular Building And Construction

Since 2007, K-Home has begun to expand overseas markets, because the temporary container is easy to disassemble and assemble, and has superior performance, stability, firmness, good shock resistance, waterproof, fireproof, and anticorrosion. Well received by the majority of customers.

Containers can be migrated as a whole, with a service life of up to 10-15 years. We have helped customers from all over the world to provide modular buildings. Whether it is a large camp or a school with integrated classrooms and offices. Our container house can provide you with relocatable modular buildings anytime, anywhere.

Green Building

Green building is first expressed as a concept of saving resources and protecting the environment. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly buildings is a strategic measure conducive to sustainable social and economic development. For enterprises, K-Home has been practicing a green management production strategy.

From production, transportation, installation to storage, our prefabricated container has no disassembly loss, no construction waste, no occupation, no damage to farmland, safe, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green production, and green use. It is completely people-oriented and environment-oriented.

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