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Demountable buildings are also called container houses. With a reasonable combination of material and steel structure, it can achieve a high safety effect. The resistance of strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or above and typhoons of magnitude 12. The cost of the movable container house is low and recycled. Its service life is relatively long, normally, it can be used for more than 15 years. According to statistics, a mobile container house can be reused more than six times. From these data, we can also know that the allover cost of housing is relatively low.

Since the demountable buildings are assembled by steel structures and sandwich panels, they can also be disassembled. Demountable Buildings can be used repeatedly. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, it undoubtedly reduces the cost. In addition, from the perspective of cost, the price of container mobile houses is also a lot of cost savings compared with traditional construction methods. Of course, demountable buildings have a variety of flexible uses, because they can be disassembled and reassembled at other construction sites to meet your daily needs. 


Demountable Buildings

Demountable Container houses are green buildings with steel structures as the main body. In the temporary construction industry, the rapid rise of prefab container houses has replaced the primitive and backwardness of traditional houses. In recent years, detachable container buildings have provided customers that need more on-site space with a very flexible, very fast construction and affordable option. Container houses are widely used in offices, headquarters, dormitories, conference rooms, etc. in the fields of construction, commerce, tourism, and military. Various temporary houses for post-disaster reconstruction.

Why Choose K-Home?

K-Home supplies one-stop services integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and service installation. We are experienced in temporary modular building manufacturing. Our company not only has a professional design team and engineers but also has a wealth of installation experience and after-sales service.

Our detachable container house introduces modern design elements and provides customized services according to product categories and customer needs. The container house can be stacked up and down, stretched and shortened left and right, and assembled at will to create a larger space and personalized house.

K-Home is responsible for the production of each product with advanced concepts, advanced technology, and a rich experience for customers. It not only ensures that the quality of each container unit is safe and reliable but also has a huge double production line to ensure rapid response to customer requirements. Product quality and service run through every link of the company’s operation and management, and win the trust and support of our customers.

Demountable Buildings Benefits

  • The container house is installed quickly and the construction period is short. 4 workers can complete the installation of a 362.8m container unit in half a day. The whole container unit can also be consigned. It can be used after the water and electricity are connected to the site.
  • Convenient transportation is especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites. The container house can be flattened or compressed or transported in a whole unit to achieve multiple transportation methods, effectively saving long-distance transportation costs.
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection, the container house adopts the “factory prefabrication + on-site installation” mode, and no construction waste is generated on the construction site. After the demolition of the project, no construction waste will be left, and the resident environment will not be damaged. The container house can be recycled, with zero loss during the transition, reducing environmental pressure.
  • Rugged and durable, all made of steel, with strong shock resistance and deformation resistance. Good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process make this kind of mobile room have good water tightness.
  • Convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance, stable and firm, good shockproof performance, waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosive, and lightweight. The house is a monolithic structure with a frame inside, and the wall is made of steel plates, which can be veneered by wood panels. The house can be moved as a whole, and its service life can reach more than 15 years.
  • Standardization, modularization, and generalization. Each container house is composed of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured in the factory, and the house site is assembled by the unit modules.

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