Prefab Office Buildings

Prefab Office Buildings, as one of the most popular products in Modular Building, gradually replaced traditional buildings and became the most popular temporary building for investors and contractors. When prefab house is used as the office, it can include manager’s room, office area, meeting room, reception room, pantry, etc. Meanwhile we can design the whole construction camp for free, the design can include accommodation, restaurant, toilet, bathroom, laundry room, office, etc.

We have a complete supply chain system, production-supervision-quality inspection-transportation-supporting furniture provision-after-sales service, so can provide matching furniture, such as bed, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioning, toilet facilities, shower facilities, etc.

Product Details


1) Prefab Office Buildings advantage is easy construction, inexpensive, time-saving, convenient transportation, recyclable material, safety.
2) The steel structures are so strong that can resist heavy wind of 120 km/h and 7-grade earthquakes.
3) Good fireproofing and heat insulation performance.
4) Anti-worm and ant. All the steel structure is anti-rusting because it has been painted the paint and can normally use for more than 15 years.
5) Prefab Office Buildings can be recycled use.
6) Beautiful appearance. Prefab Office Buildings have red and blue colors chosen for the wall, roof, and steel structure.
7) 6 people could install 200 square meters one day.

Top Prefabricated Modular Buildings Supplier

K-home manufactures practical prefab office buildings, which are characterized by their low prices, can be set up very quickly, and can be designed according to different climate zones. Our modular houses are designed to make life easier and better for you. That is why we are constantly improving our structure system. The orders of the customers go in our prefabricated k house in different directions, whether prefab home or shelter building. We work for low income people and homeless people of eco-friendly and affordable hosing. A modular prefab home that meets the desired standard is just as important as comfort and aesthetics. Our prefab modular homes are designed for high insulation and maximum energy consumption. K-home comfortable, fully secure and durable modular homes are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to create your own affordable living space.

Prefab Office Buildings Advantages

  • Integrated production, supporting supply
  • Light steel structure, waterproof, anti-seismic, anti-corrosion
  • Sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection
  • Quick installation, turnkey solution
  • Low construction cost, service life over 20 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Excellent Energy Saving
    The wall of the prefabricated house is generally composed of galvanized steel frame, thermal insulation materials, fireproof gypsum board, decorative materials and so on. The galvanized steel frame naturally cuts off the hot air passage during the assembly process, so that the heat transfer inside and outside the wall becomes minimal. In addition, the wall is pre-filled with thermal insulation materials, and metal carved thermal insulation boards are installed on the outside of the wall, which has a better thermal insulation effect.
  2. Low House Cost
    The prefab house does not need to be equipped with some expensive furniture and some luxurious decorations. Its construction cost is much lower than other ordinary houses, its construction period is also short, and the required material prices will be lower.
    What are the advantages of prefabricated houses? How much is the price per square meter of prefabricated houses?
  3. Good Comfort
    Because the prefab house has a thermal insulation effect, the people living in it will be very comfortable. And the material it uses is green and environmentally friendly, and its breathability is also very good, so it will be very comfortable.
  4. Short Construction Period
    The prefab house is light in weight, and the steel frame is connected by self-tapping screws and standard parts. Most of the work above the foundation is dry work. The on-site installation is highly adaptable to the climate. Therefore, the prefab house construction speed is fast and the construction period is about the traditional building About one-third of it.
  5. Long Service Life
    The steel structure of the movable board house is made of hot-dip galvanized high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet, with a galvanizing amount of more than 180g/m2, and the OSB board is made of Canadian technology. Both can meet the durability requirements of the movable board house.