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K-HOME can provide you with the best prefabricated portable restroom prices. If you’re planning an upcoming construction site start or event, some comfortable, clean, portable restrooms are a must.

K-HOME portable restrooms are a great option for areas that need a temporary restroom.

You can count on us for all your sanitation needs, providing the sanitation services you need for your next event, construction site or other temporary location, as well as long-term site needs and emergency disaster relief needs. For special events, we have a luxurious container restroom with spacious interiors. K-HOME will ensure that you have the portable restroom facilities you need, when and where you need them.

Application of portable restroom:

  • Collective Activity
  • Construction Site
  • Disaster Relief
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Agricultural Market
  • Other Outdoor Venues
  • Portable Restroom Rental Business

Product Detail

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portable restroom​ Specification

External Dimensions1200*1150*2400mm
Internal Dimensions1100*1100mm
Weight150Kg(Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading)
Wall Thickness50mm EPS panel
Wall ColorWhite, Blue, or other custom patterns
Pattern Aluminum Plate Thickness1.8mm
Portable Restroom ConfigureToilets, simple sink, simple shower, drains, water inlets, fans, blinds, lamp (All configurations can be replaced)
K-HOME’s portable restroom​ is customizable, you can contact us to customize your products.

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When you’re looking for a portable restroom facility, our range of prefab modular mobile restrooms has a lot to offer. Whether it is a toilet in a short-term urban activity or a long-term construction site project, it is necessary to provide a convenient, clean and comfortable sanitary environment. K-HOME has product options for any need within your budget.

Standard Portable Restroom Price

A standard portable restroom is only enough for one person to use the restroom at a time. A survey of portable restrooms on the market shows that standard portable toilets are typically 35 square inches, although sizes vary slightly. The portable restroom dimensions of K-HOME are 1.1 meters, which is about 50 square feet. As shown in the pictures and video, K-HOME’s standard portable restroom price is $540. The sewage treatment system is not included, you can easily connect it to the local sewage treatment system. If you need a separate sewerage system, please contact us for an estimate of your project.

Portable Restroom With Sink

If you are looking for a clean portable restroom with sink, K-HOME will be your best choice. K-HOME’s prefab portable restroom is assembled in the factory and shipped as a whole. It is equipped with a toilet, sink, lamp, and fan, which is very suitable for outdoor activities.

Portable Restroom With Shower

We offer a wide variety of portable restrooms to suit almost any need. Our portable restroom with shower combinations may meet your outdoor portable restroom needs. You can choose a single portable restroom like the one shown in the picture above, or a combined portable restroom. If you want a luxury portable restroom, then the K-HOME container restroom will be your good choice

Calculate the number of portable restrooms you need

No matter where you use a portable restroom, you need to make sure there is enough space for your staff or guests. K-HOME proposes a simple estimation method to help you determine the number of portable restroom units needed. In general, we recommend that you take 25 to consider a unit. That is, if you have 100 employees, then you will need at least 4 prefabricated portable restrooms. If you have 160 employees then you will need 7 prefabricated portable restrooms. If there are more female employees, consider adding some portable restrooms. With a rough estimate, you’ll be able to manage your budget more accurately. If you still have some concerns, then please contact us and we will provide you with more suitable portable restroom solutions.

How far in advance do I need to buy a portable restroom?

K-HOME is a powerful prefab restroom manufacturer, we have sufficient stock in stock and have a very fast production cycle. So all you need to consider is the shipping time. Please contact us to recommend the most suitable shipping routes and competitive prices for you.

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We are a portable restroom manufacturer from China, we can offer extremely competitive prices and unparalleled customer service to provide you with temporary prefabricated portable restroom facilities for construction sites, home remodeling projects, and events. K-HOME prefabricated public restrooms are available in many different colors, sizes, and styles to meet the specific needs of your outdoor activities. We provide safe, reliable delivery for your portable restroom at all times.