Two-Story Container Accommodation Units for Construction Workers In Singapore

Container accommodation units are an easily installed and low-cost solution, especially construction site foreign container worker dormitory, it applies for urgent need and comfortable living space, also, you won’t use it many times in different place.

By the strict requirement of the government, all the companies need to increase the living space of workers in Singapore. How to solve this problem in a fast and confirmation way, meanwhile could save money for investors is very important.

This 2 story building of affordable housing solution is designed according to customer requirements according to the local land size limit and the features of our container house, with our standard dimension, find the most cost-effective solution.

This project includes 120units total, all house parts are produced in our factory within 1 month, and the building is completed in one month after our client receives the cargo. All the parts are modular produced, could be assembled very easily and fast.

The characteristic of disassembled and assembled freely, and are easy to transport and move, also suitable for placement on hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts, and rivers. No need to take up space, the mobile home is stable and durable and has a beautiful appearance. exquisite and generous, good thermal insulation, anti-typhoon, comfortable and warm life, very suitable for construction site personnel to live. We use high-quality galvanized sheets and rock wool as the wall and roof materials, so the prefabricated houses are very suitable for fireproofing and waterproofing.

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