Portable Site Office Container in Our Factory

Product: Container Office
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Site Office
Quantity: 7 Units
Capacity:10 People
Time: 2020
Location: China

Portable Site Office Container Project Introduction

Last week, we have built a Prefab Container Office in Our Factory. This is a 2 story container office, total consisted of 7 units standard container and 1 platform. We completed it in 2 days, then our worker moves in.

Here I would like to introduce to you how we install the office from the beginning.

Firstly, we assemble all the steel structures for each unit on the ground. Meanwhile, prepare the foundation for it. For this container house, the foundation can be very simple, just making a pillar under the beam is enough. Then put the 4 units modular office in the requested area.

After the first floor is completed, we put the second floor, should you crane lift it on the top. Then we use locks for all the container units, no matter they are connected horizontally and vertically. The PVC leather, vertically skirting line, bottom, and above skirting, line assembles at the same time.

After all, is done, we will install the glass wall.

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Temporary Construction Site Office

In modern life, the office is the second home, and half of the daily activities in the office are also done here. Generally speaking, everyone likes an office that is tall and tidy, looks neat and uniform, and is luxuriously decorated. Although it may be on the project site, it is dusty and cannot be used as a permanent building, and is thinking about saving costs. Is there such a possibility? Woolen cloth? Yes, perhaps many people think of container houses for the first time. The container activity room office brings the same atmosphere as the traditional office. Container mobile houses may be more convenient in some respects.

There are many applicable occasions for container houses. For example, when it is used as a temporary office, it can be placed anywhere, such as an office on a construction site, a temporary commercial office, etc., especially in some temporary special situations, such as container activities. An office can play a huge role. The facilities inside can be decorated to be the same as a traditional office, with the same facilities, the same layout, the same office, and the same enjoyment.

This is the duty of the container office, but on this basis, the container office also has this most outstanding feature, that is, its flexibility. Its flexibility can be said to be an advantage that ordinary offices do not have. It is easy to transport and can be transported as a whole. It can also be dismantled, but you can still use it after dismantling. It can be recycled. It is this flexibility that makes many people like it very much. When there is an emergency, such as a natural disaster, It can also be used as a temporary office on-site as a command room.

Through permutation and combination of container houses, many combination spaces can be derived. Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The standard width is 3 meters, the height is 2.8 meters, and the length is 6 meters. If there are special size requirements, K-HOME can accept customized orders.

Containerized Site Office Features

1. The interior of the containerized site office is the same as the ordinary office room, and you can move in once the installation is completed. There are 2 built-in lights, 2 sockets, 1 double switch and wires are all pre-installed, just use the built-in external cable to connect to the external mains power supply and you can use it safely. Rock wool sandwich panels are used as fireproof insulation and ceilings, anti-theft doors, plastic steel windows with anti-theft nets, and anti-mosquito screens. Concealed wires can be equipped with an exhaust fan distribution box, etc. External electricity, built-in air-conditioning, tables, chairs, furniture, etc. can be used immediately.

2. The container office has no special requirements for the site. If there is no need to combine the use of the site, it does not need foundation treatment, even if it is muddy ground, the container house can be placed. Need to install the power supply.

3. The container house can be moved quickly at any time. Only a truck can be moved as a whole at a short distance, no foundation is needed, and no disassembly or assembly is required.

4. The product has a service life of at least 15 years and can be used repeatedly without disassembly and assembly, and no material loss. For example, after a project is completed in two years, it can be relocated to another new project in whole or in part immediately, so that at least 7 projects can be done without repeating additional construction, which is more economical than buying and building other temporary housing facilities repeatedly. Efficient.

5. Value preservation function: It can be refurbished, leased, and sold within 10 years of use. Even after 20 years of use, it can still be sold at a scrap price.

Let’s use our actual case to introduce you to the establishment of the site office as the following.

The convenience bring to us by the container house as a temporary site office.

1. There are many advantages of using a standard container house as a temporary construction site office. First of all, it is convenient to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites;

2. Rugged and durable, all made of steel, with strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance;

3. The sealing performance is good, and the strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile room have good water tightness.

What are the precautions for building temporary site office containers?

Due to the convenience of container removal, many temporary project departments on construction sites are built with container mobile houses. So what issues should be paid attention to during the construction of the container?

  • We need to determine the material and frame structure of the container. Temporary construction on site must purchase fireproof material sandwich panels that meet the requirements. The sandwich panels are mainly made of glass wool, rock wool, polyurethane, etc. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Glass wool and rock wool are the wall of choice for temporary buildings because of their high cost performance. The first choice for boards and roofs, this material can provide good heat preservation and heat insulation in cold or hot areas. At the same time, the cost is not high, and it is the standard material choice for container houses. Of course, if you need better performance, such as excellent fireproof and waterproof performance and durability, it is recommended to use polyurethane sandwich panels, but at the same time, you will also face the problem of corresponding increase in costs.
  • In the temporary construction land planning, use CAD to plan the location and quantity of containers. Nowadays, urban land is tight. To meet the office, accommodation and dining. functions of the entire project department, it is often necessary to stack two-story container board houses. For project departments with conditions, one double or three-story container house is generally set up in the office area, one or more dormitories are set up, and canteens and entertainment rooms are set up on both sides of the office area. The principles of container setting in these areas It is centered on the office, combined with moving points to facilitate the use of supporting dining halls and activity rooms. When planning the land use, it is necessary to arrange the box houses as far as possible from the mountain (if any), away from the safe area of ​​the construction tower crane, etc., and put the dormitory containers used for occupants in a hidden position in the back row, because this is quiet Some visually avoid the messy feeling caused by drying clothes in the dormitory area.
  • After the large area is determined, you can actually pull the wires on the site to build the foundation for container placement (hardened ground) and make drainage channels. The big advantage of using container houses is that the requirement for hard ground is not as high as building a prefabricated house. If conditions permit, all concrete can be hardened horizontally. If the budget is reduced, use brick ground beams or use concrete inverted with two 30cm wide outer space 6 The ground beams and pillars of meters are enough. If there is a connected container, you can add a horizontal support point in the middle to increase the uniform force in the middle of the connected box.
  • The design of the container in the office area. Generally, an independent 3*6*2.8m container can hold 2~3 single desks. If a large conference room is needed, 2~4 containers can be used to form a large space, the canteen or the area where multiple people are required to work. You can consider Unicom Container Office. If the internal needs include both office and accommodation areas, you can use sandwich panels as partition boards, calculate the required partition room area, and install it directly.

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