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Prefab Container Homes South Africa

Want to build cheap and comfortable homes for your own projects or workers quickly? Container homes South Africa made by K-home are definitely an exciting solution. We have been specializing in manufacturing and designing shipping containers for over 15 years, modular pre-fabrication of all the components of a shipping container, combined with light steel framing, to develop creative designs that can be built anywhere in South Africa.

Our company is famous in South Africa for cheap and high-quality temporary buildings, so if you need to plan and build a temporary living solution for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us for a custom design.

Container Homes South Africa
Container House Manufacturer

K-home container houses have been exported to many countries in South Africa, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, Mali, Ghana, Niger, etc. We have different types of temporary building solutions for you to choose from, such as PEB Steel Buildings, Flat Pack Container House, or Low Cost Prefabricated Houses. You can choose any of them as an alternative to expensive traditional construction. This is a great option for remote construction sites and sites that require welfare units.

Container Homes South Africa Pictures

Why The Container Is Very Popular In South Africa? Because It Has The Following Characteristics:

  1. We can ship 11 units in one 40ft shipping container, so that we can reduce the shipping cost.
  2. It is very cost effective, the price is EX works USD2150 per set, including all steel structure, wall panels, floor with pvc carpet, roof,2 windows, 1 door and electricity.
  3. All steel frame is galvanized and well painted, will not be rust for a long time.
  4. Easy Assembly. The steel frame is screwed together on site, do not need crane or forklift during the installation. 100% finished by K-home. So it is the best housing solution for moutain or forest where we can not use crane or forklift. Please check the pictures and assemble video:
  5. Strong structue to be stacked 3 floor
  6. The standard size is 3mX6m, it can be customized to be 4mX12m at most.
  7. Roof has drainage system with 4 pvc pipes at 4 corners to lead rain to ground.
  8. The roof structure can be pitche roof or slope roof if needed.

Container Homes South Africa Price

The cost of container houses in South Africa is related to many factors, such as the thickness of the steel frame used in the portable container house, the material of the wall panel, the degree of interior decoration, the distance of transportation, the size and type, and so on. The material of the structure determines the quality and service life. K-home standard container house price is between $2100-$2500.

Advantages of Container Homes South Africa


Easy to transport, easy to assemble, especially suitable for container house units that frequently change construction sites. Easy to dismantle and assemble, superior performance, and lightweight. The house is a whole structure with a frame inside, the wall is steel plate and can be finished with a wooden board. Can be relocated as a whole. Extremely low maintenance costs, with a service life of 20 years or more.

Sturdy and Durable:

The structure is composed of steel, stable and firm, with good anti-vibration. It has strong resistance to deformation; good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process makes this kind of activity room has good water tightness.

Good value for Money:

Reusable. Recycling a waste container can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood, and reduce 3.49 tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, container module technology can reduce the construction cycle by 50%, which means you will also reduce construction costs by 50%.

Strong Design:

Container housing has the characteristics of modularity and can be a personalized combination. Can derive many combination spaces. Such as offices, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Maybe you need our container houses for your future projects. Please contact our support teams. Email:inquiry@khomechina.com

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