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Do you want to fabricate a container house in Kenya? Is it expensive?

Many people have seen a lot of modular houses or prefab houses which are made by containers in the Kenya market. It has become more and more popular in the Kenya market because of its fast construction and cheap cost. There are too many buildings we called container house buildings that have served a lot of companies in Nairobi, Mombasa, etc. in Kenya.

“Building a house like building blocks”, this green and efficient prefabricated construction method are not new in many developed countries. But in Kenya, an East African country known for its great migration of animals, K-home container houses will help the country gradually promote the industrialization of prefabricated buildings.
The container houses in Kenya are mainly used to solve the problem of the construction contractor’s office and workers’ accommodation at the construction site. Especially for construction workers, compared to the noisy and harsh temporary accommodation environment, comfortable container dormitories will help them greatly improve their work efficiency.

Container Houses In Kenya
Container Houses In Kenya

Background: One Belt and One Road, Strong Support

As the only fulcrum of the “Belt and Road” strategy in Africa, Kenya is one of the countries that has received the most investment from China. The Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (Mombasa-Nairobi Railway), which was officially opened to traffic in May last year, adopts the “China National Railway Grade One Standard”. It has a total length of about 480 kilometers and a designed capacity of 25 million tons. Port of Barca. According to the long-term plan, the railway will connect Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and other East African countries, with a planned total length of 2,700 kilometers and an estimated total cost of 25 billion U.S. dollars. It will become a “main railway artery” in East Africa.

Prefabricated Construction Market Analysis

The Kenyan government vigorously promotes infrastructure plans and expects to join the ranks of newly industrialized and middle-income countries by 2030. Kenya’s investment in the restoration and reconstruction of roads, bridges, and urban transport infrastructure projects has shown a rapid upward trend. Infrastructure facilities also include houses and buildings. The housing gap in Kenya is as high as 1.8 million units. Kenyan hopes to build more houses through cooperation with Chinese companies to effectively solve the housing problem of the Kenyan people. In the past few years, Kenyan housing has increased by 12%, while prefabricated buildings have increased by 6% at the same time. In addition, the annual urban population growth rate of 4.4%, coupled with the increasing rural population migrating to cities, opportunities for prefabricated buildings exist in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, which also increase the demand for container houses on construction sites.

How much does it cost to build a container house /container home in Kenya?

A prefab flat pack container house could save too much cost for transportation than a traditional shipping container home. If you choose a modular design container house in Kenya, It will save you quite a lot of money than traditional buildings.
Easy to move and durable long-life span. This kind of container house could cost you only USD2000~3000 per modular, and the cost has included all the decorative, lights, switches, electrical system, and all wall, roof floor finishings. It is unbelievable, right?

What Kind Of House Can Be Made By Modular Containers In Kenya?

You may consider which kind of building is suitable to build them by modular containers? Why we should use containers for this building? Actually, more and more people feel the advantage for the container house and they made a very good correct decision when they want to build the following houses after they comparing so many different prefab houses solutions in Kenya market.

  • Portable Container Office Cabin
  • Container Accommodation Unit for laborers and employer
  • School Dormitory
  • Attractive Showroom and sales office containers
  • Container Site Camp
  • School Building for Classroom Container Cabins
  • Quick Build Hospitals, Portable Hospitals for Community
  • Military Camp Containers/ Army Barracks
  • Modular Container Restaurant
  • Emergency Establishment building
  • Container Made Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • Container Toilet and Shower Unit, WC
  • Cold Rooms
  • Foldable Container for fast build house in 10 minutes.
  • Nested Unit

Container House in Kenya Pictures

How to install or modify one container house in Kenya?

Is It Difficult For A Container House Installation In Kenya?

K-HOME modular design container house is a kind of quick easy installation house building. Light materials and bolts connection design have saved too much labor than traditional heavy blocks buildings. In the whole installation procedure for a container house, you don’t need complicated tools.

Just to do it by 90% work by manpower without heavy machinery. No need for water or others. All components are premade and just install quickly by screws on site. No extra cost which is out of your control. You can see the Video as follows to see the container house installation work in Kenya:

Container House Advantages

  • The installation process of the container house does not produce construction waste, which is more environmentally friendly and will not cause damage to the environment.
  • The container houses are all completed in the factory, with a high degree of industrialization, saving resources and making fuller use of energy.
  • Installation is quick and convenient, recyclable, more environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.
  • Most of the materials for container houses are steel, which can digest part of the current excess steel production capacity in China and can be better recycled. It will not turn into construction waste to cause damage to the environment, and there is no need to encroach on land due to construction waste.


Although many multi-million dollar houses are made of containers, the overall idea of ​​a container house starts with an affordable housing solution. Over the years, hundreds of affordable container houses have been built, some of which cost less than 60,000 yuan.

Normally 3 skilled people could install one 3mx6m size container house modular by 4 hours.
Even your project is a big project like 200 rooms made by 200 container houses, 15 people could finish all of the construction work within 20 days. That is really fast, isn’t it?

A good design for a rainwater draining system is very important to make sure the roof will not be linkage during the rainy season. K-HOMEDoes the container house can bear a rainy climate in Kenya?
container houses are an especially unique design for the roof draining system. Look at
our roof draining system. It will not cause any maintenance problems after house installation on rainy days.

Drainage System

How can we move the container house from one place to another?

Container house design life span is more than 15 years. Very strong structure of more than 1800kg could make
Container cabin house very strong and durable. High quality galvanized beams columns and purlins could
Prevent rust. The whole structure could be detachable. You can rebuild it in another place very fast again. Or
you can lift the container house on a truck and delivery the container house to another place quickly and easily.
No worry about the damage to the structure, it is very strong and reliable.

Thanks to the detachable design of the container house, one 40HQ container could load 12 units of 3*6m modular.
And one 17m truck could load more than 20 units of container houses at one time. That is quite a saving cost,

How long time for the container house quality warranted in Kenya?

K-HOME will supply one-year quality warranted for the container house for customers. They have no worries
if they find material damage or broken when they get the materials. A professional team will support you!

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