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Container Barracks

The prefabricated container barracks refer to a living quarter or working area built using prefabricated modular containers. This type of modular barracks unit is produced in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the site for assembly. This means that the prefabricated container barracks and venue preparation can be carried out at the same time. Compared with traditional buildings, built prefabricated container barracks can save a lot of time. The prefabricated barracks are cost-effective by reducing construction time and simplifying the installation process. The standardization characteristics of the prefabricated container barracks allow large-scale production in the factory. Their modularity makes it easy to be transported to different locations. The reuse of prefabricated barrack housing can also promote overall cost benefits. The design of the prefabricated container barracks is based on standardized containers, but there is a certain custom space in terms of design and structure, including layout, size, internal configuration, external appearance, insulation layer, etc. The actual modularized allowance of the prefabricated barracks unit can be stacked and connected to a larger space, they can be created with various configurations to meet the specific requirements of different barracks. The prefabricated container barracks are now widely used in military facilities, emergency refuges, construction sites, disaster relief work, and economic affordable housing. Fast deployment, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability make prefabricated container barracks a practical solution for temporary or semi-permanent housing needs.

Standard container barracks

K-HOME’s standard container barracks are a modular container unit of 20ft. If you want 40ft modular container units, there only need to connect two boxes. The interior is a clear space. Different from the size of the shipping containers, K-HOME optimizes the size of the container barracks and does not increase the purchase cost. We have adopted a size design of 3X6M (about 10x20ft), and its internal space and height are more comfortable than shipping containers. These standard container barracks are detachable, which greatly improves the shipping ability. A 40ft HQ shipping container can load about 11 detachable container house units. At the same time, considering the installation problems and installation efficiency, we also provide simpler flat-pack containers and folding containers. You can buy the container barracks unit according to your needs. However, considering the problem of shipping, the size of the flat-pack container house and folding container house is 2.4x6m (about 8X20FT), but its height is still more comfortable than the modified shipping container.

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