Construction Site Camp for Military In Mali

Product: Container Camp Construction
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Military camp
Quantity: 210 Units
Time: 2019
Location: Mali

The demountable military container camp building has the basic characteristics of army use such as the use of building space function, living environment comfortable and building energy consumption, etc. Container house also has its own modular container has special advantages, such as low cost, the overall structure is stable, green and sustainable and construction and transportation and other characteristics. So, the demountable container building is very much in line with the development needs of the army construction, conducive to combat readiness, conducive to the transfer of defense, conducive to functional diversification needs, so the study of modular container steel structure building in the field of military construction is very necessary and meaningful.


  1. Military camp almost is built in a harsh environment, mostly in remote areas such as mountains, wilderness etc.
  2. Military camps are not easy to move when faced with a change of location.
  3. Camps are large and traditional buildings take a long time to build, requiring a lot of manpower, material and financial resources and time.
  4. The camp needs to have basic security needs, such as water and electricity supply.


  1. K-home’s temporary housing can be adapted to any harsh environment and we focus on waterproofing and shock-proofing the container to make it last longer.
  2. Factory prefabricated and installed on site, making container camp easy to install and dismantle without creating any construction waste. They can be moved according to changes in location.
  3. Sending an installation guide to the site to make their local workers skilled in installation. Overall construction time is at least one third shorter and less labour intensive than conventional construction.
  4. K-home’s prefabricated container houses are equipped with a basic electrical system and a robust roof and floor system and are ready for occupation once they are installed.


Not only was the barracks completed within the expected time frame, but the client was pleased with the design and quality of our container house
And gave nice feedback on the later installation services.

Container Camp Construction includes military quarters, canteens, public toilet and bathroom, meeting room, management office, etc.

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