Construction Site Office With Glass Wall

Product: Container Office
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Office of construction staff
Area: 30 units
Time: 2021
Location: Changsha, China

Construction Site Office Solutions

This container house project is located in Changsha, China. It is a Construction Site Office project that can accommodate 200 workers.

Total 30-set container office was installed by 30 professional employees of our company and workers were instructed by professional engineers arranged by the company.


  1. Although the address is domestic, it requires the worker to work in the locality continuously for nearly a month.
  2. Client will use the house for about 5 years and may need a mobile office after one year.
  3. The construction site used to be farmers’ land without any foundation.
  4. Container interior needs toilet, bathroom, meeting room, recreation room.


  1. 20 local workers were selected and 10 of our elite installers were selected to complete the office installation.
  2. The k-home has a service life of 10-15 years and can be moved by crane.
  3. Design 10 cm concrete foundation for the client to ensure the stability of the box house.
  4. In addition to container house, other furniture and bathroom, we will help customers to purchase together, and you do not need to spend extra transportation costs.


The customers are very satisfied with the quality of this project, no matter from the steel quantity, product beauty, or the service of the sales staff, they have given five-star praise.

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Construction Site Office Project Introduction

Site Office Construction

During construction site office, many workers need to live on the site. In order to ensure workers’ food, housing and living, container office are used to solve the problem. Portable site office is similar to building a house. The surrounding and partition walls are leveled. It is recommended to use reinforced concrete, which is relatively firm. Next came the columns, which were joined together by transverse beams, while the upper partitions, outer wall panels and door frames needed to be installed; Then carry out the floor paving paste, install the entire shelf and roof board; Also need to install doors and Windows, support construction site temporary office frame installation. Finally it is Bathroom and furniture provides, hardware installation. This is a steel structure, like a factory.

Best Offices for Construction Sites

Construction site office container are generally used in construction site container office and temporary housing, which has many advantages, such as cheaper price, large area utilization rate, convenient loading and unloading, etc. But when using residential container houses, there are still some matters needing attention, for example, the fire performance should not be paid attention to the use of open fire, thermal insulation ability is worse than the traditional brick and concrete structure of the house, K-HOME steel company is a good solution to this point, professional team installation design, very reliable.

Affordable and Efficient Construction Site Offices

What is a construction site office ? Now many manufacturers are engaged in integrated housing technology development, design, manufacturing, container mobile room integrated technology, modular design, research and development, color steel plate, light steel structure production and processing, energy saving composite material research and development, low carbon environmental protection housing research and development company. The widespread use of container mobile houses also brings great convenience to the construction, which is “timely rain” for the workers on site.

In the past, we still needed to build a portable site office when worked at the construction site. The safety was not guaranteed. If it was windy and rainy, the worker could not withstand it. The advent of the container house solved this problem. The idea of transforming containers into mobile houses was born from this. K-HOME As a “leading” brand, container houses do not need to be constructed on site. They are all completed in the factory and can be directly transported to live near the site. Container mobile homes do not generate a lot of construction waste due to demolition, safe and reliable for workers to use on the site, and more environmentally friendly, recyclable. And the container mobile room manufacturers of housing, thermal insulation advantages, so people say that container mobile room warm in winter and cool in summer, very suitable for people to live. K-home after years of development with its beautiful, deep field operation people’s favorite.

Construction site mobile office building cost is cost-effective, normally a 20ft container office can hold four sets, about container office space can accommodate about 30 people or so, and the construction site office supplies, can through the container shipment, there are some construction site temoporary office images can look at the website photo album.

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