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Are you looking for a simple container office building for your Jobsite? You may need a building that can be quickly built, also it can dismantle and assemble for later use, so I think our Portable Site Office For Sale should be your best choice. This kind of building can be built very quickly to meet daily office life. Yes, this kind of building has very low requirements for the construction environment. It can be built on almost any site. We can customize different rooms according to your needs and design the rooms with different functions. The circuit and window positions inside the room can also be customized. We can purchase the corresponding equipment for you so that you can install it immediately on-site can be used.

Product Details

Building Sizes And Container Office Plans

The standard size of a Khome office container is 20 feet long. Most are 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high. But this does not limit the combination of modular office building designs. We can customize the design to meet your needs in terms of size, appearance, how it is assembled, interior layout configuration, and customize many individual components to meet your needs. Office container units have a solid frame structure and can typically be stacked up to three levels, reducing the footprint while maintaining safety.

20ft container office

Looking For Something Else?

The appearance, internal layout, and supporting facilities of the office container can be customized according to your needs, such as:

  • Site kitchen
  • Site dining hall
  • Laundry room
  • Warehouse
  • WC


Benefits of Container Office Buildings

1. Standardized Modular Production.

More than 90% of the factory is prefabricated, we have sufficient inventory, at least 40 sets of production per month, and the delivery is very fast.

2. On-site Installation is Convenient and Quick

The whole adopts a large-scale steel structure, no need to carry out on-site, the whole can be easily completed without ordinary,

3. Customized Container Office Design, Meet Your Every Needs

We will design, plan the layout and customize the quotation for you free of charge based on your project information.

4. The Transportation Method is Flexible And Economical.

A 40-foot shipping container can hold 11 sets of standard-size office containers, saving your ocean freight.

5. Various Space Combinations.

With flexible combinations, whether it is exterior design or internal layout, the container office can meet your needs.

6. Environmental Protection, No Pollution.

Environmentally friendly buildings can reduce traditional buildings and construction waste, and can be recycled.

7. It can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly.

It is very suitable for temporary construction sites. If you need to change to a new project site, you can move the container unit as a whole, or you can disassemble it and reassemble it.

8. The Maintenance Cost is Very Low and Lasts for 20 Years.

The container office has a sturdy steel structure, and the outer steel plate adopts infiltration steel, which has good waterproof and year-end resistance. The paint touch-up is easy to carry out during use, and the maintenance service life is up to 20 years.

Best Solutions For Construction Site Office

All the frames of this portable office container are steel structures. steel structure frames are protected by deep galvanization, which can prevent corrosion and insects. These materials are produced and processed in advance in the factory. All the materials are ready to be assembled in your hands, which greatly reduces your technical problems in the construction process. It also reduces your time to build. In addition, these Site Office Containers can be transported to other places for continued use after being dismantled. The service life of Transportable Modular Office can reach more than 20 years.

Container House is The Fastest Way To Build A Container Office Building On-Site

When you need to quickly build a temporary office for a new project, there is no better choice than a container house. The container office building is one of the fastest delivered buildings in the industry. All prefabricated components are delivered to the job site and can be assembled easily. In just a few days, you will have a beautiful, comfortable, and powerful container office building. For you, it not only greatly shortens the construction period, but also reduces the labor cost in the installation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Container office buildings are temporary buildings and generally do not require planning permission, but it is best to verify with local authorities based on your verification because each country has different building permit policies.

All Our Structure Are Modular Design

The prefab container house is our newest type of design since 2019. We have updated many items to make the structure more safe and reasonable. As following is our advantage:

1. More Sturdy and Durable

Both our bottom and roof purlin quantity are increased. Other suppliers are 10pcs and ours are 14pcs for the bottom. The mainframe of the product is pressed by a special steel plate and has 4 pcs 160x160x2480mm column, which is sturdy and durable and has strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance.

2. Complete Drainage System

We modified the water drain system, each column is designed and equipped with 4 water drain pipes. and we design big water drain channel for the roof structure, even for big rain, the house will be very water-proof.

The drainage system of the container house is composed of four water channels and downpipes. When it rains, the rainwater on the roof will be collected into the water channel and then flow down through the downpipe of the corner posts to provide an orderly drainage system to achieve better drainage and Easier rainwater collection.

3. Stable And Firm

The container house could be stacked for 3 floors. Our column and roof, and corner joints are stronger, You could move the house very safely and quickly.

4. Fireproof And Soundproof

Thickened rock wool wall panel is Class A fireproof, and the side panels have special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold protection, and fire prevention. Can be moved multiple times, reused, hoisted as a whole, the service life is more than 20 years.

• Research the building regulations in your area: different cities may have different rules and regulations for the construction of container houses. Before starting to build a house, make sure that you are familiar with the issues related to approval and are ready to consult with relevant departments such as the local planning bureau. Of course, the current container construction projects we have completed have been recognized in most African and Southeast Asia countries.

• Drawing/plans: Before buying a container house, make sure you have prepared or designed the layout. If not, please send us your requirements for size and layout. K-home has professional engineers who can provide you with a complete construction plan.

• Geographical environment/climate characteristics: roof design, floorboard material selection, drainage pipe design, etc., We need to choose more suitable materials and designs according to your geographic environment and climate characteristics.

Purchase all containers from the same manufacturer  

There may be slight differences in the quality and size of containers from different manufacturers. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a manufacturer that suits your needs and purchase them in a unified manner.

• Find the right contractor  

Choosing the right contractor can avoid detours, reduce construction time, ensure a smooth construction process, and solve any possible problems.

• Transportation: Before any transaction, confirm the transportation cost and delivery period.