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The container house is a type of prefabricated house, which is easy to move among different project locations. The container house will be manufactured in the factory and transported by shipping containers, and then assembled on the construction site. In this way, you will save a lot of time and cost in finding a reliable developer, contractor, or even a highly-cost architect.

Moreover, due to the development of the production processing technology, the container house can be customized with different architectural styles, meeting the modern aesthetic needs of clients.

If you are looking for a fast, beautiful, and cost-effective container house Philippines, then we will give you four container house companies.

Container House Project in Philippines

Container House Manufacturer In Philippines

1. Smarthouse

smart house

Location: Pampanga, Philippines.
Main Products: Container Van House, Prefab Villa, EPS Panel, Steel Structure Buildings
About the Company: Smarthouse is a company in Philippines. Which is a professional company that specializes in R&D, innovative design, sales, and installation of light steel combined houses. Devoting itself to the creation of modular and prefab building technology. The company encourages the design and application of light steel houses attuned to modern times. In addition, there are skillful experienced, and dedicated professional teams behind the company.

2. ARCGO General Engineering


Location: Baguio, Philippines.
Design-build construction, Planning and design, renovation, prefabricated container house supply and contracting, architectural modeling, custom interior furniture, custom windows and doors, Roads, Bridges, Tower Fencing, Piping, HVAC systems, and Duct Work, Storage Tanks, Elevator, Fire Sprinkler System, water treatment.

About the Company: “ARCGO is a family-owned construction company that specializes in design-build construction and remodeling. This construction company in Benguet has over 24 years of expertise in general and turnkey construction encompassing both private and public enterprises. They also provide low-cost renovation services. Their expertise is in the ability to give their clients high-quality engineering and architectural services that are delivered on time and their affordability. “

3. Storage Providers Incorporated

Storage Providers Incorporated

Location: Quezon, Philippines
Main Products: Shipping Container House, Container Van Homes, Prefab Panel Structures
About the Company: Storage Providers Inc. is a one-stop container van house and Prefab Construction Company in the Philippines. Their extensive experience comes from providing temporary and semi-permanent structures to major companies in various industries, for over 25 years.

4. Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd

Container House Philippines

Location: Henan, China
Main Services: Khome is engaged in the design, project budget, fabrication, and installation of steel structures and sandwich panels with second-grade general contracting qualifications. Main products covered container van houses, cheap prefabricated houses, steel structure buildings, sandwich panels, construction material, and installation service.
About the Company:

Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd is a high-quality modular building supplier in China. Located in Xinxiang, Henan, the birthplace of the foldable container house. Relying on the Asian transportation hub and being close to Qingdao Port, has resulted in convenient transportation and lower transportation costs. They have a complete industrial chain, and container houses in Xinxiang account for more than 70% of China’s market share.

Due to decades of rich experience in overseas prefabricated house construction as well as the accumulation of different national policies, laws, customs, cultures, and climates which impact the project carrying out smoothly, K-home has been leading the Southeast Asia market and has become a preferred provider for the well-known large-scale Construction Enterprises in the Philippines.

So far, K-home has successfully provided thousands of prefabricated house projects in more than 80 countries, including construction camp planning, modular school construction, emergency hospital, camp facilities, customized design, transportation, on-site installation, etc. K-home has got high praise from clients for its excellent product quality, superb construction technology, and attentive after-sales service.

Container House Price in Philippines

The price of container houses Philippines depends on their design and material. In most cases, their unit price also will be differed based on the required quantity. According to different uses, its materials are also optional. If you have a higher requirement for insulation or wind resistance, the high-end material will increase the cost.

20ft Container House$2,000$3,500
40ft Container House$4,000$6,000
Unconverted 20ft Shipping Container$1,200$2,000
Unconverted 40ft Shipping Container$2,000$2,500
low cost container house

Container House Design Philippines

If you are looking for a cheap but sustainable solution for your engineering project, container house plans will be your best choice. Detachable modular container houses are generally more affordable and faster than using other construction materials, especially when planning camps, worker housing, and site offices. Container house plans allow you to be creative and easily achieve many ideal functions.

Khome Container House Advantages in The Philippine Market

  • The container house is a new building system. It can be moved easily to different locations. People can freely choose their living environment. By using solar panels, the basic power needs can be solved including heating and water supply. The container house can be also equipped with a sewage disposal system for cycling use of the water. In general, the container house is a good way to solve the housing problem in remote areas.
  • Low cost is the most important factor to build a container house. If you find a container house supplier, the quotation you got usually includes the cost of material and transportation, sometimes it also includes installation service. Compare to traditional buildings, the cost of building a container house can be lower than 40% in total. Moreover, its construction speed is much quicker than traditional buildings.
  • The container house is made of environmentally friendly materials. Its main material is galvanized steel frame and sandwich panel, and both can be cycled use. Meanwhile, since the components of the container house are all produced in the factory in advance, there is no processing work on the construction site. It will not cause construction waste. After you use it for a period of time, you can also disassemble it, move it and assemble it again for repeat use.


There are so many container house Philippines suppliers on the market. Before making a decision, you can do more research on their design, service, or previous project experience. If you need a supplier who can provide a one-stop solution from design, manufacture, and transportation to installation, please feel free to contact we K-Home. We will try our best to provide a professional solution for you.

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