Portable Container Labor Camp for Construction Site

Container labor camp generally refers to construction facilities that provide temporary accommodation and life for workers in some large-scale construction projects. The camps generally include dormitories, restaurants, entertainment, clinic, etc. These construction facilities are mostly temporary. Once relevant construction projects are completed, these facilities will be demolished or used for other purposes.

Therefore, the characteristics of this kind of worker camp are temporary, but it must be used frequently for a relatively long time. Taking the above characteristics into consideration, we specially produce products for this kind of field that are quick to install, convenient, easy to transport, low cost, and comfortable. . It solves the distress that investors need to invest a lot of time and money to solve the accommodation life of workers.


Container Labor Camp Flat Pack Container House is Widely Used

Container Dormitory

Container Camp is the most commonly used product, and also a very important part. Usually, the site is in a remote area, such as a mining site, oil digging site, etc. This dormitory will be like a 2nd-home at working place, so to have a comfortable place have a good rest is key important. And this container worker camp should be durable, clean, have enough airflow, and bright enough.

Container camp for workers, we can have different solutions for different workers, such as 1 person 1 single room with a private shower room inside the room for management staff, or consisted many units together to make a  large area, could provide to tens people live in one room for basic workers. Then have a common container toilet room or container shower room inside this building.

The design can be very flexible; we can provide any solution based on your actual needs.

Container Worker Office

The Temporary Container Office is also a necessary part of your working site, it could have a private management office or common working place for staff, the size can be customized according to requirements.

The entire building is also designed with a light steel structure, aluminum alloy doors, and windows, and wall panels have been treated with rain, fire, and heat insulation to ensure that you can have a safe and comfortable office environment.

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