Construction Site Sheds

No matter where your project location is, no matter what the weather conditions, K-Home Construction site sheds can provide a quick and cost-effective temporary house solution for you. The construction site sheds can be used for different uses including office, dormitory, kitchen, toilet, etc. It can be customized in a variety of sizes and requirements and can be chosen as different configurations to suit any situation. K-Home is committed to using technology innovation to promote building development, providing a turnkey solution for clients all over the world.


Construction Site Sheds Technical Upgrades

Waterproof Performance

K-Home construction site shed has good waterproof performance because of two aspects upgrades. First is the roof system. There are four water gutters on the sides of the beam, and four downpipes inside the corner posts. When it rains, the rainwater will flow into the water gutter and then drain from the downpipes. When there are different container units combined together, we will also provide waterproof tape for roof connection parts; prevent leakage as much as possible.

The second is the wall installation. Before you install the wall panel, please use our provided sealing strip first on the beam, so there will be no gap between the steel frame and wall panels, ensuring waterproof performance. If you have a higher requirement on the roof, we can also design a second slope roof for you.

Floor Loading Capacity

K-Home uses more purlins both horizontally and longitudinally in the floor system to improve the floor loading capacity. This will also protect the floorboard, since the distance between two purlins is shorter, the floorboard will be more difficult to break. Besides, if you need to use these on site shed construction as storage, the floorboard can be upgraded as a cement floor, which will be stronger.

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