Transportable Donga House For Sale

Donga house is a modular building system; provides the fastest space construction site solutions for temporary needs. High-quality transportable donga house with competitive price, provide a tough, secure, comfortable, and convenient solution for any business or job site to you.

Thanks to its flexible modular design, it can be combined with different functional space solutions, such as connected horizontally infinite and stack up to a maximum of 3 floors, it offers you the ideal solution for your temporary requirements.

We K-Home have rich experience in oil&gas, military, school, construction site, and commercial office sectors. We have CE, ISO certificated that could withstand international standards in almost all fields.


Why Choose Donga House

Our latest-generation donga house is produced with a completely disassembled screw and bolt system is the first choice for your urgent and budge limit project.

Why donga house is more and more popular now?

  • The reasons below might explain to you.
  • It is100% recyclable eco-friendly.
  • Rapid production, practical installation, fully demounted advantage.
  • Can be recycled use, because it enables assemble-disassemble repeatedly.
  • Low foundation request
  • Easy transportable

The application of the donga house is numerous

  • High-quality temporary office solutions
  • Lounges and mess accommodation container units for employees
  • Accommodation on construction sites
  • Construction offices and site facilities
  • Complete nurseries and schools

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