Oil Field Housing in South Sudan

Product: Detachable Container House
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Worker accommodation
Area: 60 units
Time: 2019
Location: South Sudan

Oil Field Housing
Container House

Oil Field Housing Project Introduction


  1. This oil field housing project need the house can be assembled and put into use quickly.
  2. The housings need to move to another location after one project finished.
  3. The oilfield camp needs to have fully equipment functional areas.
  4. Keep the total construction cost low.


Due to the urgency of the project time, our team organized an online meeting, discussed more project details with the manager as soon as we received the inquiry. such as detailed dimensions, For reducing the installation work on the client’s site, we recommend our clients use the portable container structure as the oil field lodging. Compare to the traditional building, the modular design of oil field housing can be produced all materials in our factory, including the basic electricity such as lamps and electric wires, and clients don’t need to do site process work, which will save a lot of time and labor on the installation site.

After the oil field worker housing arriving the site, the client only needs to assemble them together like building a block. We will provide a full set of installation guidance including installation video, installation manual, and construction drawings. During the installation process, if there are any questions, we can use a video meeting to guide the installation at any time.

The portable container structure is transported by the shipping container. All material will be connected by bolts and loaded loosely will also make full use of the shipping container space, saving a lot in transportation costs. One 40’HQ shipping container can load about 200 square meters of the house totally.

The container modular has a very flexible design. We can design the whole oilfield camp based on the clients ‘requirements on the size and layout. No matter you need to build accommodation, office, kitchen, or other uses, we can always achieve the plan for you.


Khome had provided a turnkey solution for clients from design, manufacture, transportation to installation guidance. The oilfield camp was put into use in a short time under our installation guidance. The client said, “Khome has found a perfect way to provide a temporary house for workers in the remote areas. When workers have a comfortable and safe house to rest in, they are more likely to have a better performance on the job.”

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What is the Oil Field Housing?

The oil field housing is a flat pack container house to meet the accommodation of the workforce of an oil or drilling company. Since many field jobs require a large number of front-line workers, solving the problem of workers’ accommodation is a top priority. The flat pack container houses help many companies solve this problem.

The flat pack container house is popular because of its convenient disassembly and assembly, its cheaper prices, and its ability to be used multiple times. Various temporary constructions of camping container houses came into being. With the progress of the times, changes in working conditions, and the need to build a harmonious society, there are high requirements for the application of temporary constructions and changes in living conditions.

The oilfield drilling camp is convenient for transportation, convenient transportation, luxurious decoration, and humanized design. It is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and has enough indoor space, and the indoor color is harmonious. It is spacious and beautiful and has good air tightness, good heat preservation, rainproof and cold-proof effect. The camping house is an indispensable living and accommodation facility for the field construction team.

Flat pack container house is widely used in petroleum, drilling, oil production, geology, highway construction, etc. According to the specific requirements and configuration of the customer, the duty room, office, staff accommodation room, cultural room, comprehensive meeting room, bathroom, laundry room, dining room, kitchen room, cold storage, clothes room, drying room, medical room, toilet, the pantry can be used, supervision room, platform management room, and other camp buildings.

Application of Oil Field Housing Units

  1. Construction Site

Construction site should be the container housing oil field application more scenes, the object of its service is the need for night construction of the first-line construction workers, for this group to provide a temporary can shelter from the wind and rain accommodation. The good reputation of the container housing in the internal equipment more professional and meticulous and humane, living experience is actually not lost to any hotel room.

  1. Field Work

Many wilderness explorers, researchers sometimes need to collect specimens in the field for a long time, experiments and other operations, if only by the tent is completely unable to meet the needs of life, especially in some uninhabited wilderness only by the tent is very difficult to resist the beast and all kinds of poisonous insects. At this time the role of container housing has become very prominent, the fieldwork has also become a trustworthy container housing another application area.

  1. Rescue and Disaster Relief

Earthquakes and floods and other disasters are often accompanied by homelessness, the exposed environment not only makes it difficult for the victims to be effectively cured physically and mentally but also may trigger the potential threat of disaster infectious diseases. So in some areas where there are conditions, the use of container housing quickly set up a temporary place to live as a transition to post-disaster reconstruction, in fact, compared to the traditional tent is a better choice.

Of course, the application area of the container housing unit is far more than this, it’s in the underground construction site, some of the original tourist resorts and other areas have also gained application. With the professional provision of container housing, internal living conditions continue to improve and enhance the humane, the future of these container housing applications will continue to be broadened.

Container House Floor Plans for Oil field Housing

For the design of oil field camp, such as accommodation, the internal accommodations of managers, engineers and workers were designed differently. A single standard container house can accommodate 1-8 beds, so this determines the diversity of the design. Managers and engineers can add separate bathroom space, kitchen, and leisure area inside the accommodation so that they can get a more comfortable experience. Workers’ dormitories can choose between 2-8 people. In addition to accommodation, public bathrooms, laundry rooms, and public entertainment facilities can be designed for a large number of workers, so that workers can feel comfortable and warm even if they are not at home.

Oil Field Housing Manufacturers

K-home is a reliable Oil Field Housing Manufacturers. Because the container house is manufactured in accordance with the size, it can be mass-produced in a modular manner to solve the emergency of the demanders. Its model is factory production and on-site installation. The housing for oil field workers is easy to install and combine and can be stacked up to 3 stories high, which greatly saves construction time and construction space. At sites that need to be moved, prefabricated modular container houses can be transported on a short distance by trucks. However, if the place to be moved is relatively far, it is more recommended to disassemble and transport the container houses.

The standard size of the container house is 3*6*2.8 meters, and custom sizes can also be accepted according to different needs. The camping container house is a combination of light steel frame and sandwich panel. Container houses use relatively high-strength steel as the frame, which enhances the durability and safety of the house; secondly, the choice of wall panels is also diverse. The functionalities of the wall panels can be selected according to actual needs: PU sandwich wall panels, EPS sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, glass wool sandwich panels, they all have good waterproof, fireproof, and heat insulation properties.

At the same time, K-HOME has been updated and upgraded in the roof and ground system.
K-HOME has designed the roof purlins so that the middle height is low on both sides, and a relatively wide sink is installed around it. After installing the roof panel, if rainwater is encountered, the rainwater will automatically flow to the surrounding sinks on the roof and from the sink. The flow is discharged to the water pipe installed in the column.

In terms of the ground system, K-HOME made adjustments to the bottom purlins, increasing the original 9 to 14 to increase the density of the bottom purlins and ensure the safety of the load-bearing box house. K-HOME also made a careful design on the corner head. The angle head is an important part to connect the column and the beam. K-HOME designs an invisible connection method that will not expose the connecting bolts, thereby increasing the service life of the container housing.

How Much Does Oil Field Housing Units Cost?

The Oil Field Housing unit is a 20ft container house, and you can flexibly combine it according to your design. The average container house unit is 2400-2900 US dollars per unit. The interior of the container house already contains the ceiling, ground, and basic power system. No secondary decoration is required. Once installed, it can be moved indirectly.

K-HOME’s man camp oil field project in South Sudan used 60 18m2 container houses. The design included accommodation area, staff canteen, staff entertainment area, etc. The total cost of the camp was $150,000-$180,000. It only costs 130-150 US dollars per square meter to have a comfortable accommodation camp.

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