Gsoon Light Steel Building

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Gsoon Light Steel Building

Gsoon light steel building is a new type of prefabricated steel structure building product.

Gsoon Steel structure framework

It is made of a G-shaped steel composition frame structure produced by advanced cold bending technology. G-type steel is cold-curved steel with enhanced rolling and thickened thickness. The cross-section performance is better than the common C/Z steel section standard. Its production automation can standardize the production of components such as beams, columns, wall boards, and other parts. Due to its modularized standardized production process, you can carry out prefabricated construction on the spot without using welding, and use bolts to connect directly.

Atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel (cor-ten steel)

Atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel, also known as cor-ten steel, has a good performance in corrosion resistance and Tensile strength. The surface of cor-ten steel is reddish brown and looks rusty, which is actually longevity steel. In a corrosive environment, the surface of the steel will automatically form a reddish-brown protective layer that is densely corroded, which can inhibit the corrosion and further degradation of steel. This steel corrosion resistance is 2-8 times that of ordinary steel, and no anti-corrosion paint is required. At present, weathering steel has been widely used in bridges, public towers, and decorative sculptures. A bridge made from cor-ten steel can reach 120 years of design life. At present, cor-ten steel is promoted in the building structure. The cor-ten steel building is not only resistant to corrosion but also reduces the cost of later maintenance.

Gsoon Light Steel Building Wall & Roof &floor

The wall and roof can be grouting systems. Install the steel wire mesh on both sides of the steel structure frame, and then grout the stirred granular concrete with a sprayer to form a solid wall. Such a wall can achieve the functions of light quality, insulation, fire prevention, durability, earthquake resistance, sound insulation, moisture-proof, and other functions.

Gsoon Light Steel Frame Design

As a company focusing on prefabricated buildings, we provide customers with comprehensive design and construction services. Our design team has rich experience and professional skills, can continuously innovate and improve, meet customer needs, and provide the best construction plan.

Our team attaches great importance to cooperation with customers. We combine customer needs with our professional knowledge to make architectural plans that meet the expectations of customers. We adopt a new technical method to combine the best architectural practice and maximize the return on customer investment on the premise of ensuring quality and safety.

K-HOME will bring the best results through professional knowledge and professional ability, and provide customers with innovative and sustainable new ideas in terms of architectural technology and aesthetics.

Frequently asked questions

Gsoon Light Steel Building has numerous advantages, including:

Speed of construction: Modular homes are constructed much faster than traditional homes because they are built in a factory setting where all aspects of the process are controlled.

Cost savings: Modular homes are generally less expensive than traditional homes because there is less waste, and they can be built more efficiently. Additionally, the cost of labor and materials can be reduced, as workers are not required to travel to and from the construction site.

Quality control: Because modular homes are built in a factory, quality control is much easier to manage. Prefabrication allows for standardization and consistency, which ensures that all materials and components are of high quality and meet strict building codes.

Energy efficiency: Modular homes are often designed to be energy-efficient, which can save homeowners money on utility bills. They often feature insulation that exceeds code requirements and energy-efficient windows and doors.

Customizability: Modular homes can be designed and built to fit a homeowner’s exact specifications. Modular construction allows for customization in size, layout, and finishes, allowing homeowners to create their dream homes.

Overall, modular prefabricated houses offer many advantages that make them an appealing option for those looking to build a new home.

Gsoon Light Steel Building have a lifespan that can be similar to traditionally-built homes. The materials used to construct modular homes are of high quality and designed to last, and the building process is highly controlled and precise.

Many modular homes come with warranties that cover the structure, materials, and workmanship for several years, ensuring that any issues that arise are taken care of.

The lifespan of a modular home also depends on how well it is maintained. Proper maintenance includes regular cleaning, inspections, and repairs when necessary. Following a regular maintenance routine can extend the life of a modular home and help it last for many decades.

In general, life depends on multiple factors, including the structure and the encirclement. In addition, it is also closely related to the construction design, construction process, use environment, maintenance, and other aspects. A well-maintained modular home can last upwards of 50-60 years, and some have been known to last even longer.

K-HOME Gsoon Light Steel Building manufacturer

  • High-quality and durable material
  • High production efficiency
  • Fast installation and short construction period
  • Thermal insulation, fireproof, windproof
  • Highly customizable, with optional design, materials, patterns, etc.
  • One-stop solution, including furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

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Gsoon Light Steel Building For Family

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Gsoon Light Steel Building For Office

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