Container Coffee Shop In Dubai

Product: Prefab Container House
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Container Coffee Shop
Quantity: 10 Units
Size: 20ft
Time: 2019
Location: Dubai

Container Coffee Shop
Container Coffee Shop

This container coffee shop looks very ordinary, but in fact, it has a lot of knowledge and customization in it.

This coffee shop will be located in Dubai,  it is in the desert, but it is not always dry and waterless as we imagined, it’s also on the verge of the Persian Gulf, so it is still in relatively humid air all year round.

According to what the client reviews, we should pay special attention to the following points:

  1. The anti-corrosion treatment of the steel frame on the container coffee shop, therefore, all the steel frames are made of 3mm galvanized steel frame, and the surface layer is made of multi-layer anti-corrosion spray so that the house will have good anti-corrosion characteristics, and our spraying method makes the whole frame look color is more gorgeous and generous.
  2. The material of the wall panel chooses PU edge-sealed rock wool, this edge has a tighter connection, which will prevent air from entering. The sandwich panel house has good fire resistance and can be regarded as the best fireproof sandwich material on the market.
  3. Rainproof performance. Although there is relatively little rain in the area, it is also turbulent, and we must take precautions in advance for the container house. There is a special drainage structure inside the roof. Four drainage pipes are also hidden inside the four pillars.
  4. Attractive appearance. Except for the backside, the other three sides are made of double-layer aluminum alloy tempered glass. This glass is not only beautiful but also resistant to high temperatures and sun.

Should you have any special requirements, pls contact us freely.

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