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What is the average cost of a steel building? How much does a steel building cost?  These are very frequently asked questions. We can tell you a price at will, no matter if it is 80 or 150 US dollars/square meter, it seems can’t solve your doubts.

Only if you have a general understanding of this product, then you can judge whether the supplier’s quotation is credible.

Today we will explain to you in a comprehensive way, what steel structure is, what is mainly composed of it, and the main factors affecting its price. Only after you know what is the steel structure building, then you can decide whether our price is reasonable or not. Hope it will help you.

Prefab Office Building

What is Steel Building?

Steel structure building is a new type of building system. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel plate or section steel is used to replace reinforced concrete, which has better strength and better seismic resistance. Structural Steel Fabrication in the factory in standardized production, and then installed on-site.

In this way, the budget can be controlled to a large extent before the start of construction. Because it can be reused just now and can be more environmentally friendly, steel structures are now used by people all over the world. We can often see this new material being used in production workshops, warehouses, offices, and even high-rise buildings in many factories.

What Is The Main Composition Of Steel Structure Building?

It mainly consisted of a steel structure and enclosure.

The prefabricated structures are liked their name, their mainframe is built up with steel structure, mainly H-shaped steel, Z-Shaped Steel and C-Shaped Steel, and consider the loading ability, in required parts with necessary sub-purlin.

After the mainframe standard up, we need to assemble the enclosure parts, such as wall panel, roof system, floor system, window, doors, decoration ceiling, etc, that you required. It is like decorating our home.

Of all those parts, the main steel structure is the most professional part, enclosure parts are not that complex; you just need to know what kind of effect you want your house to achieve.

Factors That Affecting the Steel Building Cost

First: Design

Why are we saying design is the first reason?

Because the steel structure components hear very simple, the hard part is: Where and what size of the steel purlin should we use?

If a place where all year round no strong wind and in a hurricane area, how can the steel structure is the same? And if in a very common weather area, if we use very strong and heavy steel? Will it waste money for you?

So a professional design is very important, it is because we all should base on your actual need, such as how many years you want to use. What level of wind resistance does he need to achieve? Does it need to withstand hurricanes? Does it need to withstand heavy snow? Do you need a crane inside your house?

Then our professional design team will calculate it, and design a professional design for you, which is also necessary when you need to get approval from the local government get permission.

The higher your requirements for the house? Then, the greater the amount of steel required, the higher the price will certainly be.

Second: Steel Building Price

Under normal circumstances, the amount of steel used in a house is 30KG/square meter, so it can be seen that the amount of steel is very large. The fluctuation of the steel frame will directly affect the price of the entire project.

Third: Enclosure

The enclosure is Steel Building Kits, it basically with roof and wall panel system. If more than 1 floor, so there will be a floor structure.

The roof and wall materials are many options, such as sandwich panels, steel plates, and even brick, or cement panels.

Among the sandwich panel, there are the PU sandwich panel, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel, the Glass Wool sandwich panel, and the EPS sandwich panel, the thickness is from 50mm-150mm for your choice, and also the thickness of the steel plate on both sides can be chosen.


Besides these, there are more factors, such as the steel material, the painting material, etc. There are lots more we could analyze, but the most distinguished parts are those.


Now you have a brief understanding of the steel Prefabricated Steel Building, hope it could help you, should you need any further questions about it, contact us freely.

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