Prefabricated Structures

Prefabricated Structure is a new type of construction building system; it successfully connected prefabricated steel structures with construction buildings in one field, making the construction business into a new building system.

Prefabricated Steel structures mostly consist of hot-rolled shaped steel, usually H-shape, Z-shape, or U-shaped steel, and purlin, rod, etc. The size or the quantity of the steel structure is based on the actual design, to make sure safety and durability, all projects need to be calculated by our professional design team, then we can make the most cost-effective and durable solution for you.

Compare with the traditional concrete building system, now choose steel pillar or shaped steel instead of reinforced concrete, sandwich panel, or steel plate instead of wall panel or roof panel. Because all the building is modular produced in our factory, only need to assemble at the site, so using PEB building greatly reduced the construction period. And if the floor size is the same, the interior space of the PEB house is relatively bigger, because this pillar and wall panel is thinner.

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Are Prefabricated Structures Cheaper?

To build a house, the cost includes material costs, installation costs, transportation costs, and some unexpected costs.

About the material, to use metal warehouse buildings, all components are calculated carefully, even bolts, so it can greatly reduce material waste than permanent building. And as experienced, it usually costs at least less than 30% of a permanent building.

Regarding installation cost, time means money, prefabricated steel buildings are famous for their fast assembly features and with fewer workers, so it saves at least 50% cost for you.

Regarding transportation costs, compare with permanent buildings, the materials are relatively less and simple, so using modular structures is more economic.

All the costs for the prefabricated structures can be expected, it won’t have any unexpected costs for you.

So, to choose which kind of house you can decide now.

What are the Benefits of Prefab Structures?

  1. Save money from material costs, installation costs, transportation costs, etc.
  2. With budget control, we can know all the costs before we built the building.
  3. Greater utilization of internal space.
  4. Highly customizable, the design, color, and configuration can be customized endless based on your special requirement.

Why Choose K-Home Prefabricated Structures?

We K-Home have a wealth of experience and a professional team that can provide you with professional services from design, processing, transportation, QC, and installation. Building a house is not a small amount, and finding a reliable and professional company is also crucial. Contact us for more suggestions.

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