Prefabricated Factory Shed

Prefabricated Factory Shed has the characteristics of excellent durability, reusability for loading and unloading, fast construction, large area for reasonable use of the production workshop, and large tonnage of design options for overhead hoisting.

Due to the weldability of steel, the connection of steel structures is greatly simplified, and it is suitable for manufacturing various complex-shaped structures.

This kind of prefabricated factory shed has gradually replaced the traditional concrete factory, and the need for effective design schemes and welding manufacturing is becoming more and more prominent in contemporary processing and manufacturing industries.
The finished components can be transported to the site for installation, with a high degree of assembly, fast installation speed, and short construction period.


Why Choose KHOME For Your Prefabricated Factory Shed?

We are a supplier of metal steel buildings, not a supplier of raw materials with processing.
We will not only provide you with safe steel structure products but also provide you with a safe design and the best service.

Professional Design

Professional design is the first important thing, otherwise, it will cause problems on the installation site. If the materials can’t be assembled together correctly, it will also affect your future use and increase your extra cost.
after the order is placed and before production, we will a detailed production drawing to ensure your installation, such as every section view and detail of how materials are connected correctly together.

Our Price and Service

We are using the newest standard of GB steel structure design.
All safety factors and windproof factors are highly guaranteed.
For the design, although it is free for you, actually we have to bear the cost.

We could make loading service in our factory so that it can protect the material surface best. And the sea freight is really high and unstable, we will try hard to make all shipments with the least containers, although it is challenging for us to make perfect space arrangements.

The Maintenance for Prefabricated Factory Shed

  1. If the metal plate surface of the steel structure workshop is damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid corrosion of the metal plate surface in the sun and rain.
  2. After the steel structure workshop is installed, its structure is not allowed to be changed without authorization, any bolts and other components are not to be dismantled, and partition walls are not to be added or reduced. If the parts need to be replaced, the manufacturer should consult with the manufacturer and be determined by the manufacturer.
  3. The steel structure workshop is connected by steel structure components. Therefore, when using electrical equipment, it is best to use wire trench isolation to avoid electric shock accidents.
  4. Branches, leaves, and other similar objects in the steel structure workshop should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the backlog.
  5. After the steel structure has been used for about 3 years, the paint must be maintained once to bring beauty and safety to the building.

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