Prefabricated Warehouses

Prefabricated Warehouses is just like its name, it is a place for we could store our goods, which is mostly used for commercial reasons. Such as for your raw material storage place, or used as a production line shed. The very important requirement of a steel warehouse, it is necessary to ensure sufficient lighting, good ventilation, and air permeability when designing.

A prefabricated Warehouse Building is necessary for a professional designer to calculate according to your requirements to know how much steel you need for the building. For example, the same two Steel Warehouses, one needs a 7-ton aerial crane, and the other does not Yes, so in this case, which building needs a lot of steel? This analogy allows us to understand more directly why Steel Structure Warehouse is a customized product.

Usually, the Prefab Factory Building is very big, usually, it consisted of some H type steel, C type, and Z type steel which are manufactured by heavy steel. And it is widely used for warehouses, workshops, commercial office blocks, shopping malls, etc.


What is a prefabricated warehouse?

Steel structure buildings are generally more common in warehouses, high-rise or super high-rise large-span buildings, and heavy-duty steel-structure buildings with large spans. Steel frames are all mechanized and accurately produced, with high processing accuracy, high efficiency, fast construction speed, high strength, and high internal space utilization, and the budget of the entire building is controllable.

How much is a prefabricated warehouse?

There is a big gap in the cost of steel structures, which is related to the span, the number of materials used, and the price of steel. The general cost is from FOB $80- $200 per square meter.

What is prefabricated construction period?

All the steel frames are prefabricated inside the factory, so it is also named as Prefab Factory Building, the steel frame house needs to make assemble at the request site; it greatly saves time on assembling than permanent building.

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