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Introduction to Steel Buildings

With the development of society, and the rapid growth of steel production, we will see more and more steel structure buildings in our daily lives, whether it is office buildings in downtown areas, or industrial plants and offices in remote suburbs, or even we often go to The airport and the bridge are all made of steel structure materials.

Why is steel structure becoming more and more popular? Is this kind of steel-framed house safe? Is it expensive? Presumably, many people will have such confusion when they have not been exposed to steel structures. Today, we will analyze the benefits of steel buildings in detail.

Let’s analyze the advantages of Industrial Steel Buildings from the 6 points below

Steel Structure Building Project For Women'S Prison

Advantages of Steel Buildings

1. More Safety

For Industrial Buildings with steel as the main building material, the overall layout will be calculated according to the specific service life, cycle, etc., qualified Prefab Industrial Steel Frame Buildings. It can achieve high load-bearing and can achieve the requirements that traditional brick-reinforced concrete technology cannot meet. The building wall is more stable and firmer and has good seismic performance, wind resistance, waterproof and fireproof performance. It also has heat insulation when used with other new materials. , Sound insulation function. Steel has good ductility and can better consume the energy brought by earthquakes, so it has good seismic performance and high structural safety, which ensures the safety of the building.

2. Fast Construction Period

a. Install speed is very fast

The installation method is very different from the traditional building. The components of the steel structure building are all made in the factory and only need to be spliced on site. And we will be equipped with a full set of installation drawings, as well as 3D drawings so that you can quickly find the corresponding location for installation.

b. The construction is not affected by the season

It only needs welding and bolting at the site, and too much different from the traditional buildings that need to wait for the cement pouring to cool and dry, and it can be constructed day and night.

c. The comparison of material between traditional buildings and PEB building

It takes brick by brick to build. It can be imagined that the number of workers will be large and it will take a long time.
But we can see from the picture below that the steel structures are all very large steel columns, and the steel beams are connected. Each part is very large. A factory building can quickly erect the mainframe and then fill in the detailed parts, such as windows, doors, etc.

3. Low Cost

a.Simple foundation

The weight of the Industrial Building Construction is light, only 1/5 of that of the brick-concrete house, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation. The steel structure only needs to be dug 400-600 mm deep underground, and a structural ring beam of 240-300 mm above the ground is enough. So it could save money on the foundation first.

b.Less Labor Cost

The construction period of the steel structure is short, that’s why also named Commercial Steel Buildings, and the construction speed is fast, and the labor cost is obviously saved, and it can be carried out in any weather conditions. The steel structure is produced and processed in the factory, which saves assembly time and labor costs.

4. Large Actual Utilization Area

The steel structure wall is made of special materials. Under the same thermal insulation effect as the brick-concrete structure, the steel structure wall is relatively thin. The 200mm steel structure wall is equivalent to the 7000mm brick-concrete wall, and the steel columns and steel beams are relatively Traditional buildings are also much smaller, so the usable area of houses has been increased to a large extent by more than 90%.

5. Design is Flexible

Industrial Building Design can be used to achieve large spans or very high floors. The internal layout is very flexible and can be arranged flexibly according to the requirements of developers, which can meet the requirements of most investors. The light steel structure is adopted, and the cross-section of the beam and column is small, which can increase the user’s use area.

Here we want to emphasize that the design is complex and systematic. For the sake of safety, we must find a professional supplier, and make the design analysis of the entire structure, clarify the structural form and details, and the detailed design cannot be ignored during construction. Strictly follow the construction drawings to ensure safety.

6. Eco-Friendly

From the perspective of environmental protection, this is the increasing emphasis on our environmental protection all over the world.

In terms of Commercial Steel Buildings, the consumption of resources is generally enormous. According to statistics, in residential construction, 32% of water resources and 30% of built-up land are consumed. There is no need to consume water resources in the construction of steel structures, so billions of tons of water can be saved in China every year, which not only reduces the consumption of water resources but also corresponds to the strategic goal of environmental protection advocated by the state.

In addition, the Prefab Industrial Steel Frame Buildings of the steel structure is not too much noise, no industrial waste, and will not pollute the environment. It also saves energy and resource.

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