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Steel structure buildings mainly mean that the main load-bearing components are made of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel roof trusses, and steel roofs. Kindly note that steel structure walls can also be maintained by brick walls. The components or parts of various steel structures are usually connected by welds, bolts, or rivets. Steel frame buildings are one of the main types of building structures. Because of its lightweight and simple construction. It is widely used in large-scale factories, workshops, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

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The steel structure building is lightweight, high strength, good plasticity, and tough, so steel components can be processed to produce different shapes of components. The quality and shape of the structure meet the requirements of customers. The construction time of the steel structure is short, which can reduce the investment cost. The steel components can be processed in the factory, which can reduce the steps of on-site construction and production. The steel components processed in the factory have high strength and meet the standards of building construction. Therefore, compared with traditional reinforced concrete buildings, the use of steel structures to build warehouses is a more popular way nowadays. It is the development direction of future architecture.

Steel structure building is one of the common building structures in construction engineering. Today I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of steel structure building.

Advantages of Steel Buildings

1. High strength

  • High material strength
    Steel structure building is widely loved by customers because of its high material strength and lightweight. Compared with concrete and wood, steel has higher strength and a higher modulus of elasticity. Moreover, the ratio of density to yield strength is relatively low, so under the same stress conditions, the steel structure has a small section and is lightweight, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and is suitable for structures with large spans, high heights, and heavy load-bearing.
  • Steel high toughness
    It is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of the steel is uniform, close to an isotropic homogeneous body. The actual working performance of the steel structure is more consistent combined calculation theory. Therefore, the steel structure has high reliability. What’s more, because the welded structure can be completely sealed, it has good air tightness and water tightness. In summary, steel structure buildings can withstand severe weather, such as storms, snowstorms, and earthquakes. The structure is safe and will not collapse.

2. Large interior space

The installation method is very different from the trait large-span spatial structure is an important development direction in the field of civil engineering. The design and construction of large-span spatial structures is an important symbol of the level of national construction technology. Because of their light weight and good performance, steel structures buildings are widely used in large-scale factories, workshops, warehouses, stadiums, and other buildings.

3. Short construction time

When the steel structure building is constructed, the steel structure components used are all produced in advance in the factory. Because the exact size and material of the building can be confirmed in advance according to the design of the steel structure building, the prefabricated parts can be produced in advance, including the walls, purlins, columns, or the entire specification component list. Moreover, the prefabricated parts are easy to transport. These reasons above make steel structure buildings much faster than traditional masonry buildings.

4. Environmental-friendly

The environmental performance of steel structure buildings is very high. Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings have many advantages in terms of performance and environmental protection. The steel structure building is a kind of green and environmentally friendly building. The materials used are all renewable materials, which will not cause too much impact on the environment and produce less construction waste. Moreover, the amount of materials used in steel structure buildings is subject to certain calculations, which will not cause waste of materials.

5. Building materials can reuse

The mainframe of the steel structure buildings is connected by high-strength bolts, and the enclosure plate is connected by self-tapping screws. It is convenient to disassemble. Moreover, steel material is a high-strength and high-efficiency material with a high recycling value. The leftover material is also valuable.

Disadvantages of Steel Buildings

1. Weak fire resistance

Steel materials are not resistant to high temperatures and have weak fire resistance. As the temperature increases, the strength and toughness of steel decrease. When the temperature is below 150°C, the properties of the steel change little. Therefore, the steel structure is more suitable for hot workshops, but when the surface of the structure is exposed to heat radiation of about 150 ℃, it should be protected by a heat insulation board. When the temperature reaches 300℃-400℃, the strength and elastic modulus of the steel will decrease significantly, and when the temperature reaches about 600℃, the strength of the steel will tend to zero. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, the steel structure must be protected by refractory materials to improve the fire resistance level.

2. Disadvantages of steel buildings- prone to rust

Steel materials are prone to rust if exposed to the air, thereby reducing the strength and toughness of steel. Especially in the environment of humid and corrosive medium, it is easy to be rusted. The general steel structure needs to be anti-rust, galvanized, or painted and needs regular maintenance. For the structure of the offshore platform in the seawater, special measures need to be taken to prevent corrosion.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of steel structure buildings. Although steel structure buildings have some shortcomings, steel structure buildings are the first choice for many companies. Because of their environmental protection, high seismic performance, good plasticity and toughness, short construction period, and other advantages. The emergence of steel buildings not only greatly saves investment costs, but also reduces the workload of on-site construction, which has a very broad prospect for development. If you need steel structure building, please contact K-Home without hesitation. We are 24 hours online and will provide you with the one-stop service of production, transportation, and installation.

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