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Due to the continuous innovation of technology and methods, in modern construction, there are many high-quality materials that have been well used in construction, and the main materials used include steel structures. The steel structure has become one of the main materials used in Prefabricated commercial buildings construction. The reason why steel structure has become one of the main forms in modern building construction is mainly due to the short construction period and fast construction speed. Most steel structures adopt integrated installation during the construction process, which greatly reduces the time used for construction and improves the efficiency of construction. At the same time, it also reduces the cost required for construction and provides strong stability for the building. The guarantee makes the building more durable.

Only stable construction can maximize the service life. Therefore, the steel structure frame is in development. Before the goods are delivered, the precise position of the steel hole is designed according to the customer’s needs to ensure the durability of the built steel frame. Through this technology, the accuracy of construction is achieved to ensure the firmness of the building, and at the same time, the serious problem of collapse caused by the deviation of the building steel is avoided.

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings
Light Steel Frame Houses South Africa

Why Businesses Choose Pre-engineered Commercial Metal Buildings

Compared with cement buildings, prefabricated commercial buildings can save a lot of time, energy, and money. This can help those with limited budgets or those who are pressed for time and worry about the expenditure of such undertakings.

In fact, prefabricated commercial buildings can reduce a lot of trouble, time, and cost required to build workspaces or large storage areas for personnel, various machinery, or other needs. Pre-designed metal buildings make the construction process easier and can be built and assembled in days instead of weeks or months for traditional buildings.

The Commercial Uses of KHOME Steel Buildings

Commercial Building

Metal garages
Steel structure workshop
Metal office building
Dining room
car wash
Automobile dealers

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Community Facilities

Multi storey steel building
City Hall Meeting Facilities
Government office
Tourist Information Center
Municipal Fire Department
Primary school

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Agricultural Building

Poultry farm shed
Chicken poultry shed
Prefab farm house
Prefabricated cattle barns

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Industrial Building

Manufacturing plant
Truck storage
Oil and gas
Cement and construction
Portable storage buildings

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Precautions for Installation of Steel Structure Buildings

Steel structure installation is a key part of the whole process of steel structure engineering construction. Therefore, there are some keynotes in steel structure installation that must be paid more attention to ensure the installation safety of steel structures. The following are some notes when installing:

  1. Before the steel structure is installed, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of all components, such as the total number of components, length, flatness, and the specifications of the anchor bolt holes at the installation connection point. Whether it meets the design plan; the shortcomings caused in the manufacturing And the deformation caused during transportation should be corrected on the road first and handled properly.
  2. Steel beams and basics generally use embedded anchors to connect, so before installing steel beams, check the specifications of the middle of the column foot and anchor bolts, the length of the exposed basic surface, and the design elevation of the basic wall top whether it is in line with the design The plan requires, and whether the external thread of the column anchor bolt is damaged, etc. (Generally, it is effective during the construction of the foundation project to protect the column anchor bolt and the external thread from being damaged).
  3. When the steel frame structure is hoisted, proper countermeasures should be adopted to avoid excessive bending and torsion deformation. The contact position of the rope buckle and the component should be matched with a protective layer pad to prevent the component from being damaged.
  4. After the steel frame structure is hoisted in place, the support points and other contact components should be fastened immediately to ensure the reliability of the structure.
  5. Hoisting of all upper structures must be carried out after the lower structure is in place, calibrated and the supporting point members are fastened.
  6. According to the lifting and hoisting capacity of the installation of mechanical equipment on the construction site, assemble a large installation module on the road surface to reduce the labor amount of climbing operations.