Due to the continuous innovation of technology and methods, in modern construction, there are many high-quality materials that have been well used in construction, and the main materials used include steel structures. The steel structure has become one of the main materials used in building construction. The reason why steel structure has become one of the main forms in modern building construction is mainly due to the short construction period and fast construction speed. Most of the steel structures adopt integrated installation during the construction process, which greatly reduces the time used for construction and improves the efficiency of construction. At the same time, it also reduces the cost required for construction and provides strong stability for the building. The guarantee makes the building more durable.

In the construction process of passive prefab steel structure buildings, the accuracy and position of bolts and the quality of the steel structure frame determine the stability and durability of the building. Only stable construction can maximize the service life. Therefore, the steel structure frame is in development. Before the goods are delivered, the precise position of the steel hole is designed according to the customer’s needs to ensure the durability of the built steel frame. Through this technology, the accuracy of construction is achieved to ensure the firmness of the building, and at the same time, the serious problem of collapse caused by the deviation of the building steel is avoided.

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