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What Is A Pole Barn

Pole barn, a special building for storing cereals, is used to store a large amount of grain. Grain storage is the continuation of agricultural cultivation, and storage technology is developed along with the development of agriculture. With the development of primitive agriculture, agricultural production has formed a certain scale, and there is a surplus of grain, and it is gradually developed from grain processing to storage. The granary is an important part of grain storage technology.
In the past, the pole barn was made of mud, but modern granaries are normally made of steel structure building.

What Is A Pole Barn

Why Use Steel Structure to Build Pole Barn?

With the rapid economic development of various countries, the technology of steel structure grain depots is becoming more and more perfect, the storage rooms in various industries are getting larger and larger, and steel structure storage is more and more used by people, so why use steel structure to build warehouses? We summarize a few points:

  1. Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings can meet the requirements of flexible separation of large bays in buildings, and can improve the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-sectional area of ​​columns and using lightweight wall panels.
  2. The energy-saving effect is good. The wall adopts light-weight energy-saving standardized C-shaped steel, square steel and sandwich panel, which has good thermal insulation performance and good shock resistance. 50% energy saving.
  3. The use of steel structure system in grain depot buildings can give full play to the good ductility, strong plastic deformation ability of steel structure, and excellent seismic and wind resistance performance, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of grain depots. Especially in the event of earthquakes and typhoons, the steel structure can avoid the collapse of buildings.
  4. The total weight of the building is light, and the steel structure building system is light in weight, which is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the basic cost and increase the economic efficiency.
  5. The construction speed is fast, and the construction period is at least one third shorter than the traditional building system
  6. The environmental protection effect is good. During the construction of the steel structure grain depot, the amount of sand, stone and ash is reduced. The materials used are mainly green, recycled or degraded materials. When the building is demolished, most of the materials can be reused or degraded. , will not cause garbage.
  7. Large room design! The indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes to meet the different needs of customers.
  8. Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete structures, steel structures are homogeneous, high-strength, fast in construction, good in seismic resistance and high in recovery rate.

Customizing Your Own Pole Barn Designs

This design is very flexible, tell us your specific information, our design team will customize the design for you.
Here are the most important aspects to customizing any pole barn design:
Project Location
Exterior Length (m) Interior Bay (m)
Exterior Width (m)
Required Life Span
Highest Wind Speed
Earthquake Grade
Snow Load
Roof Pitch
Eave Height (m)
Enclosure Material Options
Doors & Windows Options

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What is the Life Expectancy of A Pole Barn?

The service life of the steel structure pole barn mainly depends on its own quality, climatic conditions, temperature and humidity in the workshop, and whether there is corrosive gas in the workshop. When building a steel structure pole barn, if effective maintenance measures such as anti-corrosion, fire prevention and anti-oxidation are taken, the service life of the steel structure workshop will be greatly prolonged. The service life of the steel structure pole barn is determined by the surrounding environmental conditions, local climatic conditions and maintenance conditions. Generally, it is relatively simple to build a steel structure pole barn within a few decades, and the service life is generally about 50 years.

Pole Barn Maintenance

  1. After the steel structure pole barn is put into use, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be checked and maintained once a year. When cleaning the outer wall of the steel structure pole barn, you need to pay attention not to the following operating phenomena: you cannot use abrasive cleaning products such as steel balls and board brushes, and you should rinse from top to bottom when using clean water. If there are branches, leaves and other similar objects on the steel structure warehouse, they should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by the backlog of these objects. If the surface of the metal plate of the steel structure pole barn is damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the sun and rain from corroding the metal plate surface. If necessary, use all high-elastic nanomaterials to protect the metal roof panel, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproofing, saving indoor air conditioning energy.
  2. After the steel structure pole barn is installed, you cannot change its structure without permission, you cannot disassemble any bolts and other components, and you cannot add or reduce partition walls. If you need to change any parts, you must negotiate with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will judge. Can it be changed. The steel structure must be maintained with paint after about 3 years of use, so as to give the building beauty and safety. The steel structure pole barn is connected by steel structure components, so the use of electrical equipment, such as wires and other applications, should be isolated from trunks and pipes to avoid electric shock accidents.