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Prefab Cabins

There are various architectural building forms now: Traditional concrete buildings, wooden houses, steel frame houses of light steel, and heavy steel, each of which plays an important role in their respective fields.
Today, as a manufacturer of steel structure buildings, we will introduce in detail one of our most popular products: Prefab Cabins.

Different countries have different names for prefab cabins, such as Donga house in the Philippines, lunch room in Australia, and container house in China.
Although the name is different, the product is the same, they usually use this product as dormitory, office, camp, kitchen, dining room, toilet and so on.

Prefab Cabins

Prefab Cabins For Sale

The biggest advantage of prefab cabins is that it is easy to install and flexible to assemble, and can be joined by multiple units from horizontal to vertical. We can also make some exterior wall decorations according to the needs of customers, such as wooden panels, and PU/PVC decorative panels for prefab cabins. The frame of the prefab cabins is galvanized steel, the walls and roof are Rockwool sandwich panels, outdoor fire steel doors, and the Windows are Plastic steel or aluminum alloy, and double glazing.

We Khome can design different floor plans for prefab cabins according to customer requirements to meet different functions. Adjust the height of the prefab cabins according to the size of the house to make the space more comfortable. Indoor partitions customers can adjust the position at will to achieve different segmentations. The interior walls of prefab container homes can also be decorated with bamboo wood fiberboard, PVC board, and wood board, making the interior more warm and personalized.

We can install the wiring of the prefab cabins into the wall panels. The hidden wiring makes the wall more beautiful and tidy. We can also provide customers with toilets, basins, showers, kitchen cabinets, and so on.
This kind of prefab cabin is also very easy to move. You can put the corners on a trailer with a crane and move them easily, or you can remove them and move them without any damage even if you reassemble them. The prefab container homes can be reassembled over and over again. This kind of prefab container homes lifetime is about 25 years, so the comprehensive cost is very low. Are you interested in this kind of prefab container home? Welcome to contact us!

How Much Does a Prefab Cabins Cost?

There are many factors that affect the price of the box room, which are divided into controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Uncontrollable Factors:

The Price of Steel In the Market

Since most of the structure of the box house is composed of steel, this factor plays an important role. There are many factors that affect the price of steel.

  1. The speed of national economic growth directly affects the society’s consumption demand for steel, thereby affecting the price of steel products;
  2. International steel price trend;
  3. In the process of steel production, the cost input of various aspects changes;
  4. Supply and demand situation;
  5. The technical level is one of the important factors affecting the price of steel products.

Inland and Ocean Transport

Affected by various external factors, the price of inland transportation also fluctuates greatly, so it is also one of the factors affecting the price of container rooms;
In the past two years, the price of sea freight has increased extremely. The shortage of shipping containers and the impact of the epidemic has directly increased the price of sea freight several times, which is beyond the control of suppliers.

Controllable Factors:

Labor Cost

Different regions have different wages for workers.
Our Khome is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, which belongs to a third-tier city. The wages of workers in our area are generally not high, so we can save some input costs in terms of labor-saving. For products of the same quality, our prices are relatively higher. Competitive Advantage.

Purchase of Raw Materials

Near our factory, there are hundreds of manufacturers that produce similar raw materials, so we can buy raw materials from manufacturers at very low prices and also save on transportation costs.

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