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Considering A Pre-built Cabin?

Pre-built cabins are a fashionable and trendy building system that can be moved anywhere, anytime, bringing people a more convenient and comfortable life. The solar photovoltaic panels can be used for indoor electricity, and the solar water heater can provide heating and water supply. The discharge of indoor showers and domestic water is purified by the sewage treatment system for reuse. Depending on the number of living people, Pre-built cabins of different sizes can be made.

When the supply of affordable housing is relatively tight or there are strict restrictions on buyers, the development of pre-built cabins may be an effective way to solve the housing problem of low-income people in the future. The residential container house has a low cost and meets some market needs. It can also solve the housing problem of people who cannot afford housing due to high housing prices or low economic income, as well as some floating population living on the fringes of cities.

The emergence of container houses has provided conditions for the rapid construction of a batch of affordable housing for various special groups. Container houses can mainly meet the needs of low-rent housing for urban low-income families, rental housing for migrant workers, transitional housing for newly graduated college students, transitional housing for relocated households, and mobile military camps. The construction of porta cabins belongs to an emerging industry, which is safe and environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Are Pre-buit Cabins A Good Deal?

1. Enjoy An Easy Process

Is there a building that saves time and effort, and is green and environmentally friendly? Is there a living space that is both safe and comfortable, and full of creative space? Pre-built cabins give people the answer. It takes the basic module and adopts the manufacturing mode. After completing the structural construction and interior decoration of each module in the factory, it is transported to the project site and quickly assembled into buildings with different styles (hotels, residences, etc.) according to different purposes and functions. , schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc.).

Along with electric vehicles and wireless Internet, the container house is considered an important invention that is most likely to change the way of life of human beings in the next ten years. Compared with traditional construction methods, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer, and more convenient.

In the traditional construction method, from the foundation to the molding, bricks and tiles must be stacked on the construction site, while the container building introduces the unit element into the prefabricated building system. Mass production of single-person modules is completed in the factory, and only needs to be assembled and spliced ​​at the construction site, which reduces the construction time of the house by more than 60%, and it replaces manual production with mechanized production, which can minimize labor costs. Save 70%, and ensure on-site management, material storage, and construction safety, and at the same time incorporate the development of circular economy into its own strategic business, refit houses with existing container units as basic modules, make full use of existing resources, and use containers.

The steel columns and side walls themselves are the characteristics of the building’s stressed steel structure. The free combination of the container modular units forms the basic structure of the house building, which saves a lot of steel and concrete in the construction process and achieves the goal of energy-saving and environmental protection.

2. Save Time On Construction

The use of Pre-built cabins can be said to facilitate our lives. The installation of container houses is very simple and the construction speed is fast. The requirements for workers only need to be able to use electric tools. We will provide the construction drawings of the container house, and the workers will independently construct according to the construction drawings. Can greatly shorten the construction time. It can be built by many people at the same time and then spliced together to build the container uint like building blocks. Skilled workers can complete the construction in one to two days, quickly complete the preparation work on the construction site, save construction time, and complete the project on schedule has a huge advantage.

The specific construction time depends on the size of the customer’s plan. Generally, it takes 2 months for a group of 200 modular container houses to complete the internal and external decoration, and the steel structure part only takes about a week to build. Because the container house is a modular installation, it saves labor and construction time. At the same time, the earthquake resistance of the container house can reach 8, and the wind resistance can reach 12.

3. Choose From Various Design Options

The design of container houses is flexible, most of them adopt the modern home style, and residents can decorate according to their favorite style. In addition, it can be designed in the form of a superimposed combination, which can increase or decrease the number of rooms at any time to meet everyone’s accommodation needs. Not only can you make exquisite cottages, but you can also build luxury villas. You only need to stack multiple containers like stacked wood to form a house. The interior can be opened up, and it can even be made into a duplex high-rise building, which can be decorated and designed according to your own preferences, which highlights the luxury and modern atmosphere.

4. Enjoy Lower Cost And Easier Financing

The pre-built cabins adopt a spliced construction method. After the relevant modules are produced by the manufacturer, they can be built directly on the site to form a whole house, so the time required is very short, which is greatly strengthened. The speed of capital flow, which better meets the needs of investors, naturally reduces a lot in terms of cost.

In addition, the price of the container house is closely related to the materials used. The reason why the price of the living container is so cheap is that the materials used have reached a relatively high level of safety in terms of price, but the price is not particularly expensive.

Should You Get Pre-built Cabins?

From a professional point of view, the pre-built cabin is a new type of light steel composite panel house. With the combination of enclosures and steel, it can resist strong earthquakes and even strong typhoons of magnitude 12, so it will be frequently seen in earthquake areas.

There is actually another reason why pre-built cabins are most favored by modern people-beautiful appearance. In the pursuit of beauty, everyone wants to achieve a high level of beauty. At this time, the prefab container appears in people’s concept with its unique style and colorful features, and everyone will naturally be eager to try it.

Popular ones that are loved by people are the best. It is everyone’s dream to have one’s own house, and the pre-built cabin has won more praise and recognition for its unique and attractive advantages.

Reasons To Choose Modular/Pre-built Cabins

  1. Easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites.
  2. Easy to disassemble and assemble, with superior performance and lightweight. It can be migrated as a whole, and the service life can reach more than 15 years.
  3. Sturdy and durable, the container houses are all made of steel, stable and firm, and have good shock resistance. It has a strong anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance.
  4. The design of container houses is flexible, and many combination spaces can be derived. Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  5. Low cost, environmentally friendly, and reusable.
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