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Portable House Philippines

All people who have been working hard deserve a high-quality and top-rated Portable House. Our purpose is to let more and more low-income people could use our products, we are dedicated to developing long-lasting and affordable prefab houses for the world.

The Portable House Philippines is composed of various steel components connected by bolts. Using the modular design concept and production technology, a box-style house is modularized into standard components, which can be assembled on-site or hoisted and placed on the site. This product takes the box as the basic unit. The box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components, and the enclosure insulation materials are all non-combustible materials. No secondary construction is required on-site, and it can be occupied by on-site assembly or overall hoisting. It can be used alone or can be combined in different horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious use space and stack.

Portable Container House

Affordable Prefab House For Philippines

How much is a Portable House in the Philippines? These are the most questions that we will ask before we are willing to spend time on study this kind of prefab house. We can say it is an affordable prefab house for you, that is our purpose, it is not the cheapest in the market, because, besides the price, high quality that can last longer is saving money for you for some reason.

The purpose we develop the portable house in the Philippines is because it could save time for you on assembling, and it can be recycled use, quite suitable for the investor who needs to change their work site frequently.

The portable tiny house is not only a dwelling place but also a moving apartment that on the way, it can be transported to another place easily by putting on the truck. So it now can be widely used in many fields, with the update of the new technology, the installation skills, transportation, and design are more and more perfect.

Portable House Advantages in Philippines

Portable house for sale Philippines, it as a fashionable architecture, with the movable feature, that brings too much convenience to us. In remote areas, solar panels can be chosen to provide daily electric power for the light, heater, etc. It makes our daily life easier and more comfortable than our imagination.

To build a house with a temporary container house is a new idea, it is green, saves time and energy, and is very flexible, compared with a traditional house, you have more choice, for personal, family house, even a large construction site, even government decision to make refugee, from the standard regular single unit, it can expand from any direction and stackable into 3 floors.

 Now you may want to ask: Can you buy a portable house in the Philippines? Yes, we have long-term cooperation clients in the Philippines, and all get good feedback, they are happy, and their workers are happy to live in our container house.

How Much is a portable container house in Philippines?

Now we can say, it depends on the quantity, configuration, and design, to answer you this takes us a lot of time to go. Initially, the portable container house is all customized, and don’t have any standard size, for the designer is no problem, but for the rest department, installation, and transportation all have problem with it. Because if we don’t know the size of each item in the whole project, will be difficult to calculate how many shipping containers we need, and it takes more time on loading into the shipping container.

So we start to learn the size of the transportation tools, etc., then get the most suitable size and most easy to load into the shipping container, and just reasonable weight of each item for you could assemble it with your hands, no need rent a heavy machine. With this reasonable idea, it start blooming in the market, more and more people start to choose it, and because its overall cost is less than a traditional house, it now could provide low-income people in this society a comfortable and affordable place to live in.


The Philippines is a populous country with a dense population and an era when the country is vigorously promoting infrastructure construction. Container houses are undoubtedly a new choice.

Therefore, the popularity of container houses is an inevitable trend. Its characteristics such as mobility, short construction period, and easy disassembly are in line with a contemporary fast-paced life.

It is a waste of resources to pile up used containers at the dock, and it needs to occupy a certain amount of land resources, so the portable building houses with containers is also a new situation of environmental protection.

Henan K-Home is a production factory that has its own export department, the fast assemble temporary containers based on modular containers and modular items. With the dual capabilities of “design/build integration” and “project operation”, it provides creative ideas for the tourism and vacation industry, urbanization services, and private customization. Design, container, and modular construction are the basis of the industry and provide services.

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