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For many Philippines’ constructions companies or EPCC contractors, they need to make a lot of prefab offices on-site. In recent years, since the rapid development of construction in the Philippines. prefab office is a massive market for Philippine local building companies. So one cheap and quick solution for the prefab office on-site is the most problematic for the contractors.

Container Van Office

Two Prefab Office Solutions in Philippines

1. Container Prefab Office

First, you should make a reasonable design according to the office size you need. Normally if you want a durable and movable small office. The container van prefab office is the best solution for construction site office purposes. As the container can have independent structures, it can move easily into another place once the project finishes here. It totally saves a lot of money for construction contractors. Even the working place is far away from the city, it is no problem if you choose a container prefab office.

2. Prefab Steel Structure Office Building

  • Large Span Office. Wind Proof Building Office With Heavy Steel Structure.

Second, some Philippine users may need a really big living office for their labors. They may need many rooms in the big site office, such as a big meeting room, big lobby, several manager rooms, reception room, and several toilets and bathrooms for males and females. Sometimes they also need a small kitchen and dining room nearby the office.

In this situation, the steel structure prefab office building will be more than 300~500 square meters. And you have to make a perfect design layout according to with the land also in the working site.

A perfect steel structure building would be the best choice for the prefab office then. For the Philippine standard design office, the structure could be designed as windproof for more than 280km/h Wind speed. The prefab structure office will not be afraid of typhoons or hurricanes in the Philippines.

3 Steps to Guide You to Build the Prefab Office Building in the Philippines.

1. Drawing a site office layout according to the real needs.

For this work, you can do it with your architecture engineer, or you can find solutions from experienced house suppliers. K-HOME can help with design, budget, fabrication service, and one-stop solutions. It can save too many problems for some customers who are not familiar with the design of the prefab offices.

2. Choose a basic material needs you want to use for the prefab office buildings.

For example, what kind of roof material, wall material, window and door material, etc. Sandwich panel is the cheapest, light, and easy installation material for prefab offices in the Philippines, most construction companies like it. For sure, you can also choose other materials if you like.

3. Make the structure design and final floor plan layout with a material list.

Confirm this and supply your prefab office with an accurate cost for material, package, delivery, and installation. Then you will be clear to know everything before you start to build a prefab office in the Philippines.


The question you may meet while building a prefab office in the Philippines

Yes, it is very important to make sure the design is for the Philippine climate. A professional designer will make calculations for the whole structure. If no structure calculation for a prefab office design. You may have a risk on it.

Since the prefab type office is quite standard products which have been made by the factory. Many items are by automatic production line. One day the factory could produce more than a thousand square meters of prefab office structures components. This means it will be really fast from production to delivery on-site for your prefab office from china to the Philippines. For most projects, you can get the material on-site within one month. And the installation will also be fast. One day you could finish more than thousands of square meter prefab offices in the Philippine market. All prefab office components are premade, just need to connect by bolts and nuts very quickly when you get the material.

Since most materials are premade and lightweight type. If you just build a single-store prefab office, no need for a crane or big machine. Every component is easy to lift with simple tools. If there are some double-store building offices, you need to rent a crane, but the time no need too much since almost 80% material could be lifted by manpower. The material is quite lightweight.

Thanks to the modular design technology. The massive big quantity production could save a lot of cost for materials. Reasonable design with more flexible material choice could make the house cost under control with your budget. And it would be much cheaper than traditional concrete buildings or block buildings. More safe and reliable, quick and cost-saving is a very big advantage for a prefab office. The average cost is USD50~150 per square meter depending on different house designs.

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