Prefab Container Office For Construction Sites

The Prefab Container Office is suitable for people who need to build a mobile office quickly and keep the budget low at the same time. The flat pack container house price is very competitive compare to other buildings. Moreover, its construction speed is faster.

It has a lower requirement on the ground foundation and its installation method is easy to master. The design service life of the container office is about 15-20 years. If you maintain it regularly such as repaint it every three to five years, the flat pack office container can be last longer.

Prefab Container Office Advantages

1. Easy Transportation.

The prefab office container can be easily moved no matter as a whole or disassemble and assemble again. Its structure is designed to be connected with bolts and screws. So you don’t need to consider the size of transportation vehicles. We will use the shipping container to load all materials loosely and then transport it to you by sea.

2. Dismountable Structure.

For the traditional cement and brick building, if you need to dismantle them or move them for second use. It will be a lot of work on the time and cost. Besides, it will also cause a huge amount of wastes. If you choose this dismountable design 20ft office container, it will help you improve the work efficiency, save the rebuild cost and recycle materials.

3. Flexible design.

You can see the standard size 5950*3000*2800mm unit as one module. Different modules can be connected together in different directions no matter horizontally or longitudinally. It can be also stacked up for two floors. For the interior design of the site office container, it can also be customized. You can adjust the installation location and quantity of doors and windows. Besides, you can add the partition wall if you need a small private room.

4. Comfortable Working environment.

For people who live and work in remote areas, a comfortable working and living environment will guarantee workers more devoted to their jobs. The mobile modular office can be equipped with all kinds of modern equipment such as TV, water heater, air conditioning, etc. If you want to make it more beautiful on appearance, we can provide the glass wall or decoration panel. The decoration panels have different colors and patterns for your choice.

5. Durable Structure

The prefab office buildings are mainly composed of galvanized steel structures and sandwich panels. They have a good performance on corrosive resistance, windproof, and insulation. For better floor loading capacity considering, we add more floor purlins and shorten the distance of two purlins. Besides, we upgrade the 15mm fireproof MGO board into an 18mm fireproof MGO board. For the waterproof consideration, we provide diverse installation accessories for sealant together with the office containers. For example, when there are two container units combined together, there will be waterproof Butyl tape used on the roof connection. When you are installing the wall panel, you need to use the sealing strips to stick on the beam and column, and then press the wall panel on it. By this, we can make sure that the rainwater will not leakage inside the container room through the installation gaps.

6. Environmental Friendly

The construction site prefab container house is a type of green building with new technologies. Its main material is made of galvanized steel, which can be recycled for repeated use. Since the design of the prefab office building will be confirmed before production, and all the components are produced in our factory in advance. So there will be less construction waste on the construction site, more environmental protection, which will provide a healthy, suitable, and high efficiency using space for people.

Prefabricated Container & Shipping Container

A prefabricated container is a standard module that similar to a shipping container. It is improved by the shipping container structure. Shipping containers is a transportation tool to help people carry out long distance transportation by rail or sea. It has standard size such as 20ft or 40ft.

At the first beginning, people choose to use the second hand shipping container as the temporary living space. People like its high strength and low cost. But after a long time using, people find its reprocessing work on site is too much. And it is not easy to transport since its structure is fixed. Moreover, its size cannot be customized, either.
On this occasion, the prefabricated container has been created. The fast assembly type prefabricated container has absorb the advantages of the shipping container such as high strength, meanwhile, it optimize its structure by changing the connection type.

The shipping container is weld by thick steel plate. While the prefabricated modular container use bolts and screws to connect all the components. In this way, if you want to transport the portable house to another location, you can disassemble all the components in advance, transport it and then assemble it again in the new place. Thus the portable house size will not be limited by the size of transportation equipment. At the same time, if you want to customize the size such as you want 40009000mm or 70008000mm, this type of modular prefab office can meet your needs without any doubt.

Prefab Office Container Can Be Used For Different Needs

Due to the modular design of the flat pack container, it can be widely used in different industries. You can design the internal layout according to your actual needs, not only the container office building but also meeting rooms, reception rooms, kitchen & dining hall, public toilets, etc. Please feel free to send us your requirements on the size and layout. We K-home will customize a solution for you.

How Much Does A Prefabricated Office Container Cost?

The cost of prefabricated houses will be varied from different material choose, internal design, required quantity, etc. The most popular size of the container module is 5950*3000*2800mm (L*W*H). And the estimated FOB price of each unit of this size is 2450 dollars more or less. If you required more quantity, the unit price will be lower.

How Do You Build A Prefabricated Container Office?

If this is your first time to build a portable container office, please don’t worry. It installation process is very easy and fast due to its modular design. As long as you master the installation method of one unit, all remain units are all the same. In general, three skilled workers can install one or two standard size unit in one day.
We will provide the detail installation guidance for you after deliver the cargos, not only includes the installation video, installation manuals, but also detail construction drawing. If you have any questions during the installation, just let us know and we will be at your service 7/24. If you need it, we can also send our engineer to your site for installation guidance. We have agents in Ethiopia and Kenya, and they have experience in abroad project installation, will help your installation process goes smoothly definitely.

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