Portable Living Quarters For Work Facility In Zhengzhou

Manufactured by: Henan K-home
Purpose of Use: Portable Living Quarters
Number of Buildings: About 2250 square meters
House Product: Construction Site Temporary Housing
Capacity: 216 Workers
Project Year: 2019
Duration: 28 days
Project Address: Zhengzhou

In September 2019, Zhengzhou Construction Company decided to develop new projects due to the need for project expansion. Because the construction site is far away. They want to save construction time and solve the problem of food and accommodation for workers. So Zhengzhou Construction Company asked our company K-Home for help. We are very honored to participate in this project. We consider our customers’ needs and provide the most professional solutions for their workers. The following are the details of the project.


The huge project is consisting of 3 blocks, 2 blocks of two floors, and 1 block of a single floor. The total size is 2250 square meters with a big playground, which can accommodate more than200 people at the same time. The Portable Sleeping Quarters functional area includes a recreation room, worker dormitory, meeting room, office, worker canteen, public shower, public toilet, and etc.

Internal Design

In the whole project, K-Home uses the new generation Portable Temporary Housing. In the first and second blocks, 54 worker dormitory units with two bunk beds in each unit, which can have 4 people in total. Also with 8 public showers and 8 public toilet units, 2 meeting rooms and 6 offices. In the single block, 4 recreation rooms and 1 big worker canteen.


On the basis of ensuring high quality, reduce the budget. K-Home is the professional supplier for Portable Mobile Home. in our construction buildings that we produce and install ready for use. All our products have international worker health and safety standards. In the workers’ dormitories, we suggest using bunk beds to reduce the cost. And we also make the best design to reduce the price. Zhengzhou Construction Company is satisfied with our service.

This project was put into service as ready to use in a record time of just 28 days. In such a short time, there is no doubt that Khome plays the most important role in organizing this project successfully. All prefab houses were built within time and budget

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