Modular Medical Clinic

Modular Medical Clinic is a new product that has only been widely used in recent years. In recent years, global natural disasters and emergencies have occurred frequently. Many people lack experience in emergency rescue, poor organization and management during the rescue process, and lack of large-scale and systematic medical rescue equipment, which will affect the effectiveness of rescue. . Because the “Xiao Tangshan” hospital was built in a very short time, governments and medical institutions in various places realized the advantages of Container Clinic in emergency events, and they were widely used in various places.

Now Container Construction is used in the construction site or in the community. Some are specialized for fever clinics, while others are comprehensive simple medical consultation places on the construction site. It can help patients more quickly and also diverted groups of minor illnesses for large hospitals, alleviating the tension of the medical system.

Container Medical Clinic

The surge in confirmed cases of the new crown has caused many underdeveloped countries or regions to face huge challenges. Faced with the exponential increase in the number of patients, the health system is more fragile, and hospital beds are in short supply. As there are not enough beds, many patients can only lie on temporary beds on the floor. The modular container clinic & prefabricated container hospital can effectively and quickly solve the bed problem.

Since the container medical clinic is manufactured in the factory, it can be put into use after installation on site. This mode enables product manufacturing and foundation treatment to be carried out at the same time, which is basically equivalent to a streamlined and compressed version of the industrialization process flow, which is quickly completing the “residential” After construction, it also saves a lot of material, manpower, and financial resources.

Construction in Remote Areas

In traditional construction, labor accounts for a large part of the total cost. These projects require a large number of general laborers and specialist teams on-site for each stage of building construction. With modular construction, only assembly teams and final inspectors are required to get up and running. These professionals are usually supplied by the manufacturer, which makes it much easier to build houses in areas where there are no existing construction workers.

Container Modular Medical Clinic is a very Efficient Product

K-home is a high-quality Modular Medical Clinic manufacturer, can design and build facilities faster than any other construction method. There is no need to wait for lengthy traditional buildings, the new space can be approved and used once assembled. This is ideal for hospitals and clinics that are rapidly expanding in high-demand areas.

Countries around the world have been struggling to cope with the rapid growth of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients with COVID-19 often require prolonged treatment, often occupying intensive care beds for several weeks. In many countries, particularly in developing countries, peaks in cases have overwhelmed capacity. Modular Medical Clinic is as its name, we put medical equipment inside the container house, and also we can call it Clinic. The Container Structure uses the standard container house, which has fast assembled, movable, modular production, durable and low–cost features. Besides this, it also has advantages as below:

1. Flexible Layout

The modular container house can be easily connected together reach different space requirements, no matter you need a small cubical room or large common area, it can meet your need easily. It can be assembled into many Container Clinic Design.

2. Movable

All items are fabricated inside the K-Home factory, then delivered to your site, should make assembled locally. It has a low foundation request, just put on a hard flat area, so should you need to transport to another place, we have a hole on top of the corner joint for you could move it easier.

3. Purification function

The surface of the wall panel is a very smooth galvanized steel plate, it’s different from traditional brick, the smooth surface is very easy to clean and the bacteria is not easy to hide in. Quite a suitable way to choose the sandwich panel as the wall panel of the  Modular Medical Clinic.

4. Modular and Mobile

As the length, width, and height of this type of container medical clinic is fixed dimensions, it is possible to set up several fixed functional room layouts, and according to different usage requirements, each functional housing can be flexibly combined 360 degrees to form a large space, making it a stereotyped product, and batch production becomes possible, and the vertical direction can be stacked three layers.

5. Transport and Disassembly

Easy to transport and dismantle, ideal for temporary use. When changing the location of modular medical container units, whatever disassembly or the whole structure, it is all easy to deliver to another place.

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