Prefabricated Hospitals

Due to the outbreak of this epidemic, global trade has been hit hard. For all companies, how to survive becomes a universal problem over the world. In this difficult period, prefabricated hospital is the best solution for the Xiaotangshan isolation hospital. More and more people buy modular container houses as emergency housing, our orders also increased significantly.

Modular Medical Clinic is one of our main products. Last year, because of the epidemic, we built the “Xiaotangshan” container hospital to help our people fight the virus. The project took only about 20 days from production to completion. For the container hospital, the wards are all constructed to a high standard and are fully equipped with separate bathrooms and air conditioners. So we have the capacity and experience to design and produce container hospitals. Medical facilities and equipment can be shipped together in packages.

Product Details

Specification Details
ODM /OEMBoth ODM and OEM are ok
  Frame2-3mm Q235B cold-formed section steel Wind resistance capacity
    Roof0.4-0.5mm galvanized & painted steel sheet 100mm Glass Wool single-sided aluminum foil  0.5mm particleboard ceiling plate electrical fittings (Protection switch, quick disconnect
  Wall0.35-0.4mm galvanized & painted steel sheet  glass wool /rock wool Thickness: 50mm/75mm/100m
  DoorSingle side open,double-sided security door, ,dimensions: 840mm*2035mm or Customiz
   WindowAluminum Alloy window / plastic steel window  hollow glass,anti-theft net and window screen, white color
Floor18mm fibreboard+1.6mm PVC floor
Service life10-15 years

Prefabricated Hospitals Manufacturers

Even though container hospitals may differ in the composition of selected departments, there are some main departments/rooms included.

They include the Diagnostic room / Doctors’ office, Nurses’ room, Emergency rooms, Patients’ room, Pharmacy, Storage. We can layout each department according to your needs accordingly. Just tell us your requirements on the size and layout.

The container hospital can include basic equipment options and upgrades, such as ventilation systems, air conditioning, ventilators, beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, toilets, shower facilities, etc.

Khome is a high-quality container house manufacturer in China. Our factory is in the Xinxiang prefab house industry cluster district, more than one hundred suppliers are located in this place. The industry chain is complete in this area so all accessories of the prefab house can be easily found. We can provide turnkey hospital solutions for you.

Why K-home Container Hospital?

1. Safety and comfort-We must ensure the safety of container hospitals, so we use more steel to produce our container houses to make our house stronger and more durable. Ensure the safety of every child and teacher.

2. Environmentally friendly materials-we use environmentally friendly materials, which will not generate construction waste like traditional buildings. At the same time, the materials are recyclable.

3. Economical and affordable price—-Container building is cheaper than traditional buildings. To build a building with the same area, the cost of container building is only about 30% of that of traditional buildings.

4. Easy to install—Modular container adopts screw connection, no welding is needed, and it is very easier to install.

Generally speaking, one container house with the size of 3000*6000*2800mm can be installed by three people in four hours, saving labor, time, thereby saving the cost.

5. Easy to transport—our container house can be transported in parts without having to install it in advance. This will greatly save transportation space, thereby saving transportation costs.

6. The container house can be disassembled and unload at will—when you want to move the complete container house, you can use a crane to lift the whole house and transport it to the location you want. This is It is easy to do and very safe.

7. The best design of roof drainage system—Our designer upgraded our roof system after many studies and trials, and even used our container house in a very rainy city, and there will be no water on the roof. Greatly extending the service life of the house.

Container Hospital Advantages

  • Customized container hospital, planning, and design
  • Excellent Ventilation and Filtration Systems
  • Easy to install, short construction period
  • Modular structure, removable and relocated
  • 20 years service life
  • Can be used in different medical fields

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