Prefab Container School

Container Schools is a very cost-effective and green investment project recently. It has been vigorously developed and applied in many countries and regions. This Container School includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, classroom, shower, teacher’s office, principal’s office, and other supporting functional rooms.

There are many benefits of container schools, like practical, quick installation, safe and durable, harmless to the ecosystem, and contamination free. Also, it very well may be easily moved to different spots for different purposes in the event that you don’t require it any longer. K-HOME has helped youngsters from various districts to enter safe and comfortable container schools and focus on learning. Consumer satisfaction and youngsters’ grins are the best confirmation of our work. We will keep on passing on this adoration and help every individual who needs to assemble a container school building.


Container Restaurant of Container Schools

The restaurant we set up has eight rooms as big as 20ft. According to the requirements of customers, it is equipped with dining cars, tables, chairs, benches, fresh-keeping cabinets, and other common restaurant facilities. Each table can seat 4-6 students, and each room with an area of 20ft can seat at least 24 students. A total of 200 students can be provided with a dining environment at the same time. The kitchen is a space assembled by four 20ft container houses, in which we also provide kitchen essential equipment such as stoves, side tables, sinks, cabinets, and range hoods according to the requirements of customers. At the same time, at least 4 chefs and 8 kitchen assistants can work at the same time.

In order to make the dining room and kitchen use longer, we provide beautiful PVC waterproof floor leather for the dining room of these container schools and provide cement board as the floor for the kitchen of the container schools. The density of this cement board is higher than that of the MGO board in other rooms, and it has better waterproof performance than the MGO board.

Main Advantages of Container Classrooms

Prefabricated Container Schools Are Affordable

The greatest benefit of prefab container schools is that they are modest, and we can bear the cost of container schools. It is a temporary structure school building gathered nearby with pre-assembled parts. Since the compartment house is chiefly made out of light steel and sandwich boards, it very well may be handled and created. Then the pre-assembled house parts are shipped to the building site to be built. Contrasted and conventional structures, container schools are the most efficient.

Prefab Container Schools Are Durable

The portable classrooms are sturdy and durable because the entire container house is made of steel frames, which have strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance. All the steel in our container house is galvanized, and the columns are painted as well. So that the classroom has good rust resistance. What’s more, the prefab classrooms have good sealing performance. The strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile classroom have good water tightness.

Modular Container Schools Are Green

The modular classrooms container schools have unique characteristics in terms of low carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, and circular economy development. Because all of the parts are transported to the site for installation, no pollutants are generated during the entire installation process. And the noise is very small so will not disturb the neighbors. The last but not least, all materials and maintenance parts are recyclable. It also meets the requirements of environmental protection in today’s society.

Prefab Container Schools Design Options

The size of each standard container unit is 5.95m, which is very similar to a 20ft shipping container. It can be used alone or combined horizontally and vertically into a larger space. In this way, many functional spaces can be derived, such as camps, dormitories, offices, restaurants, and schools. Because the container house is an integral structure, it can be moved flexibly. When you no longer use it, you can move it to other places for storage or other purposes.

Start Your Build Container Schools Today

If you need to build a container school, please contact us immediately. Whether it is kindergarten or university, we have very rich experience. You only need to tell us simple project information. Such as the size of the house, and how many students need to be accommodated. K-Home will off you the best solution.

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