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Want to realize a school in a short period of time?
Want to save budget without witMobilehout sacrificing quality?
Want to customize a unique disposition with a good appearance?
Here is a completely professional team ready to help!

If you want to build a school quickly, our containers are your best choice.
Mobile Classroom can realize all the functions of traditional buildings but has the advantages that traditional buildings cannot match.
It is strong, stable, affordable, flexible in design, quick to build, requires no refurbishment, and can be expanded or reduced indefinitely.

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Mobile Classroom structure

Solid and Stable Mobile Classroom

We all know the importance of safety to the school. Our main frame structure is made of a thickened and encrypted steel frame structure, which is far higher than the level of similar products on the market. There is absolutely no problem with students frolicking in our mobile classrooms. It’s because of this that the service life of our mobile classrooms can be guaranteed. All parts of the mobile classroom are pressed from galvanized steel sheet, which is a very good structural material. Light steel structure mobile classrooms are light in weight, only about one-fifth of brick-concrete structure houses and about one-eighth of reinforced concrete structure houses, so the cost of foundation construction can be greatly reduced.

①Light steel structure has light weight, which can greatly reduce the cost of basic engineering;
②The basic moisture-proof design can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture and harmful gases;
③Reasonable anchoring method to ensure the reliable connection between the foundation and the main body.

Wall System of Mobile Classroom

The external wall system is generally between 50-100mm. Due to the dimension of the wall, the actual usable area of ​​light steel structure houses is increased by about 10%-15% compared with traditional houses, and the indoor use area is increased by more than 90% compared with traditional houses. Flexible separation. The pipelines can be arranged in the holes reserved for the wall, floor, and roof components, with good concealment and a more beautiful appearance.

①The wall is filled with fireproof rock wool, which has good thermal insulation, heat insulation, and sound insulation performance;
②The pipeline is buried in the wall and does not occupy the indoor space.

Roof System of Mobile Classroom

The roof of the mobile classroom is divided into two basic structures.
①The roof and the top single tile are filled with glass wool that is fire-resistant and heat-insulating, and the effect of heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, and sound-insulating is remarkable. In most areas, a slightly sloping roof with a degree of about 5 degrees can meet the moisture-proof and drainage needs. This slight slope also guides rainwater into the gutters around the roof beams, where it drains directly to the ground along the downspouts connected to the gutters.
②When there is a lot of rain in the local area or the temperature is extremely extreme, a double-slope roof with a greater slope can be built with herringbone beams and purlins. Then use sandwich panels to cover the surface to achieve thermal insulation and a waterproof effect. There are more covering materials here, you can choose glass wool, rock wool, or the best thermal insulation material PU as the filling material.

Affordable Mobile Classroom for sale

The affordable light steel structure mobile classroom building is generally only $120/square meter, and it can be used directly after installation, unlike traditional buildings that need to pay for secondary decoration.

It is built quickly, and 3 workers can complete the installation of a set of containers in one day, which can also save installation time and cost to the greatest extent. Unlike traditional buildings, you still need to pay a large number of structural design fees, and the decoration also needs to be handed over to a special person. But our mobile classroom quotation includes a series of professional drawings provided by our experts, from design to installation guidance.

Mobile Classroom advantages

Mobile Classroom is flexible to be expanded or reduced indefinitely

As a school building, the interior design of the mobile classroom is complex and changeable. If built using traditional buildings, it is difficult to avoid columns inside classrooms or offices. However, by using a mobile classroom, you can flexibly change the size and change placement position to avoid these structures that affect the experience of use.

As a school, both the age of the students and the increase in the number of students. It is inevitable to consider expansion or make some layout adjustments. This kind of modular classroom can directly increase the number of rooms or adjust the location layout directly on the basis of the original building according to the actual needs at any time, just like putting together Lego.

Quick to build, no need for secondary renovations

All components of the light steel structure classroom are prefabricated in the factory and then transported to the site for installation. The installation work only requires simple assembly and does not require any large equipment.

Normally, 3 skilled workers can install 3 mobile classrooms in 1 day. We will make respective detailed installation drawings for components of mobile classrooms, such as wall panels, floorboards, and steel structures.

And also, we’ll mark each component’s name on the surface for easy identification on-site. These services will help install smoothly and identify quickly the right one to save both time and money.

Mobile Classroom can be moved and reused at any time

We have prefabricated holes for hoisting on the top of each mobile classroom. After the installation is completed, the entire container can be hoisted directly through the hoisting holes, and the movement can be easily completed by using a truck. When you want to change the position of individual units or move the entire building, it can be done very quickly and easily. If your current school project is no longer in use, each unit can also be restored to its original shape and continue to serve the next project.

Based on our experience in realizing large-scale temporary buildings all over the world, K-HOME will definitely provide you with cost-effective options. No matter how many classrooms you need, what kind of lighting needs, high-end or economical configuration, please contact us at any time for exclusive customized services.

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