Container Accommodation Units

During the construction of large-scale engineering projects, it is very important to find fast and efficient container accommodation solutions for construction workers. Especially in the construction industry, mining industry, oil field industry, natural gas industry, etc., time is money-this is why container accommodation units are so popular. We can not only provide accommodation facilities, bathrooms, and site offices for your camp, but also other supporting facilities such as mobile storage units, kitchens, restaurants, and staff canteens, as well as laundry rooms with washing and drying equipment.

Container Accommodation from K-Home has widely used in different fields. We have been dedicated in container house fields for over 10 years, we have a complete team that can strictly control every link from R&D to installation.

Every time we do a new project, we will treat it as one of our iconic buildings, we pay our full energy on it, to make sure it could meet client’s requirements, and more than that to make them remember us and recommend more to us. In this way, many of our clients become our agents worldwide.

Product Details

1colorchassis steel framegray
2colorroofing steel framegray
3colorroofing panelgray
5doormaterialsteel door
7dooropen directioninside/outside
8dooraccessorycap/door touch
9dooraccessorydoor closers
10windowmaterialplastic steel
11windowwindow1(mm)800*1100, sliding window with mosquito net
12windowwindow2(mm)800*500, sliding window with mosquito net
13windowprotective deviceno burglar mesh
14windowprotective devicemeta burglar mesh
15windowprotective deviceshutter
16wall panelinsulationEPS
17wall panelinsulationglass wool (steel liner on both sides)
18wall panelinsulationglass wool (no steel liner/PU sealing side)
19wall panelinsulationpolyurethane(PU)
20wall panelinsulationrock wool
21base platecement board
22base plateplywood /OSB panel
23thermal insulationno thermal insulation layer and base plate
24thermal insulationglass wool panel with sealing bottom plate
25chassisflooringenvironmental rubber floor
26roofroof tilecolor steel sheet
27roofinsulationglass wool
28roofceilingcolor steel sheet

Container accommodation units are widely used in many fields from construction:

  • Construction Site Accommodation
  • Site Office
  • Army Camp
  • Oil field Housing
  • Man Camp
  • Modular Classroom Buildings
  • Prefabricated Hospital

Container accommodation layout and supporting facilities can be customized according to your needs, such as:

  • Site kitchen
  • Site dining hall
  • Laundry room
  • WC
  • Warehouse

Great Solutions For Construction Site Workers

Container accommodation is a great solution for construction site workers. These modular container buildings are cheap and easy to install and can be used as contractors’ offices or workers’ dormitories. The accommodation container has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance, stability, impact resistance, water resistance, flame retardancy, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. The house is a whole structure with a frame inside. The walls are made of colored steel composite panels, which can be migrated as a whole and have a service life of more than 20 years.

K-home has high-quality accommodation containers for sale and other types of container houses including Construction Site Containers, Ablution containers, Accommodation Container, Container Clinic, Office Container, Porta Cabin, Living Containers, Prefab Container House, Portable Classrooms, Flat Pack Container House. The houses also range in choices like Prefab houses including Prefab Camp, Prefab Homes, Prefab Office, Prefab Classrooms, Affordable Housing with no compromise in performance, and structural integrity.

How Much Does a Container Accommodation Units?

To talk about one thing, the price is which you are concerned about the most. I can tell you the estimated cost starts from FOB 150/sqm, and the final price depends may fluctuate based on different sizes, designs, configurations. And it has fast assembled, recyclable use, low foundation request feathers that makes all the following step could save money also, so all in all, all the feedback about the cost from our clients is: The steel container cabin cost about at least 50% less than using the permanent building.

What’s more, you can control your budget easier, because you will know how much the total building cost before you start the project, it will avoid any over cost on the progress of the project.

The Container Accommodation Applications

Container accommodation is a modular production product that can be reused and can be combined into a larger space to meet different needs through horizontal connections. At present, most container houses are used for construction site worker camp, toilet rooms, shower rooms, staff offices, student’s classroom, recreation room, meeting room, soldier dormitories, and now are used for contact clinics, emergency command centers, etc.

You will see based on the standard unit, it can be combined into many spaces. The standard size is L5950*W3000*H2800mm or L5950*W2400*H2800mm, at each corner joint on the roof, we have a hole in it for we could move it to anywhere else easier.

And after completing the installation; you can fit AC, water heater, TV, etc. inside, to make it more comfortable.

The Advantages of Accommodation Container

The accommodation container house has many distinguished advantages that other temporary houses can’t compare with.

  1. Easy movable: It is very convenient to transport because after complete the installation, it is a whole unit and with lift hole on the roof, so can be moved very easily. Especially suitable for the project that need to move site frequently.
  2. Earthquake resistance: All the steel frame is strong firmness, and more than 90% of the house are made of steel material, so it has relatively good earthquake resistance and deformation resistance.
  3. Rainproof feature: We have developed a special water drainage system on the roof, and downspout in each pillar, it could gain the water from the roof and send to the downspout quickly, that’s will greatly reduce the rust problem and leak problem.
  4. Economic logistic:All the items are delivery in break down situation, so it saves greatly space on shipping contact, this way cost much less for you on transportation.

How to Build the Container Accommodation?

Is it difficult to build it? Can I handle it after I receive the stuff?

The answer is absolutely right; many of our projects are done by themselves totally because of the travel limit in these years. We will support you with totally installation design, structure design; installation video could help you to gain the installation tips quickly.

All the units are modular produced, which means the installation way for all the units is the same, no matter you need a small cabin or big project, only the first unit might take you some time to study it, all the rest is the same.

Usually, 3 skilled workers could complete 2 units in 1 day.

How to Transport and Delivery the Container Accommodation Units?

In the same 40HQ shipping container, the detachable container house can be loaded more than the flat-pack or foldable container house.

A 40HQ shipping container could load 11-13 units detachable container house, each size is 6*3meters. It is very economic on logistics.

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