Container Hotel

Container houses are very popular in the market now. Because of its convenience, it is sought after by all parties, and it is not limited to construction sites. It is often needed for reconstruction in disaster areas. It can be said that mobile homes are not just temporary. Residence is so simple to represent. Many construction site managers may worry about the construction speed and safety of container houses. Due to the fast implementation of the project, there are also great requirements for the construction speed of prefabricated houses.
At present, the temporary construction industry varies from region to region. The market with a large demand for container houses is the temporary construction of the construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites, which are used for workers’ dormitories, offices, canteens, and warehouses. The container-type mobile house that suits long-term construction site operations.


Features of the Container House

  1. The thermal insulation performance of the container house is particularly good. Why do I say this? Because we know that the main material of the container house is the sandwich panel, and the sandwich panel is made by bonding the foam (rock wool) and the iron sheet with the adhesive. It is made by tying it together, and the sealing performance of the iron sheet is exerted, so the thermal insulation performance of our container house is particularly strong.
  2. During the installation process of the movable room, the adaptability is particularly strong, no matter where it is, it can be installed conveniently and quickly.
  3. The weight of the mobile house is very light. Because of its lightness, when we transport the mobile house, it is very comfortable to transport and light to install.
  4. The materials of the container house can be recycled. From some reports, we can know that the container house can be recycled, and the loss of materials is not much. It used to be the temporary housing made of cement bricks, which is almost impossible to recycle. Utilize it, and it will generate construction waste, and it will be gradually eliminated by the country, because too much construction waste is not good.
  5. The container house can be customized into various types according to the needs of customers, and can be enclosed in various sizes, and all the prefabricated house materials such as doors and windows can be changed according to customer requirements.

Labour Container Hotel

Temporary workers who stay in a country for a short time are everywhere. They are needed in situations of labor shortages to reduce labor costs for production or infrastructure or construction projects that require a large number of workers on-site for a short period of time.

To relocate these workers quickly and efficiently, Khome offers what it calls worker housing: Container Hotel, easy to build and easy to disassemble again.

How Long Do Container Houses Last?

The steel frame is made of galvanized material and sprayed painted, and the wall panel is mainly made of steel sheet rock wool sandwich panel and other materials. If it is properly maintained, it can basically be used for more than 15 years. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, strong sealing and so on. In addition, the use of container houses is also more extensive, and it is definitely the most common on construction sites. In addition, it can also be seen from time to time in some roads, suburbs, cities, etc., and is used as container hotels, container offices, etc. Wait. But certainly in the case of unprofessional, do not arbitrarily modify and dismantle and destroy its basic structure.

Container Hotel in Singapore

In Singapore, Khome provides temporary container hotel for migrant workers. The modular design of the container makes the container hotel can be combined with each other with no limit. So it can meet the local building code such as the living space of each person should be no less than 6 square meters, and each bed keep 1-meter space.
Besides, Khome container hotel can also have other functional areas such as a private bathroom, kitchen, dining area, public toilet, and shower room, etc. It will provide a comfortable living space for workers.

Moreover, container hotel is very easy and quick to install. All the materials will be produced in the factory in advance then transported to the site by sea. We will also provide detailed construction drawings, installation instructions, and videos for your reference. After your workers master the method, three skilled workers can install 2-3 unit standard size (5950*3000mm) container dorm in one day.

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