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The container van house is usually applied to the temporary or short-term urgent need of workers’ dormitories, site offices, simple public toilets, etc. at construction sites. In fact, the Prefabricated container house can also be developed into hotel-type mobile houses in current tourist attractions and large shopping plazas; living accommodation buildings, and administrative buildings that need long-term use in mining areas and field camps. The emergence of container van houses with various functions has brought great convenience to people’s life and work. With the development of technology, container van houses will be widely used in various fields.

K-home is a Professional container van house manufacturer in China with the primary goal of using modular fast-installed houses to help low-income people live happily. We specialize in container van houses and modular structures. Our focus is a great design, careful coordination, and after-sale service, through all project phases. We are committed to providing a one-stop solution for on-site housing around the world through the network. Our Modular Services include Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Site Work, and Project Coordination.

Contact us, inquire about our container house’s models and economic prices.


Container Van House Floor Plan

We offer different container van house design options: modern, and modular. Our design solutions are within reach, support low-cost housing, and promote modern and comfortable aesthetics. We strive to give you customized space features and experiences through thoughtful design, original ideas, and creative modular building solutions.

Container Van House Features
  • Galvanized Steel Frame, Windproof And Shockproof.
  • Water Collecting System Or Extra Slop Roof.
  • Class A Fire Protection, Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation.
  • Can Be Stacked Into 3 Layers, Complete Supporting Facilities.
  • No Construction Waste Is Generated On The Construction Site.
  • Modular Design, Easy Disassembly, And Assembly.
  • Low Costconstruction, More Than 20 Years Service Life.
  • Can Be Used For Recycle, Especially Suitable For Construction Sites Where The Resident Is Frequently Changed.
Container Van House Philippines

The Container Van House evolved from shipping containers, using the “factory prefabrication + on-site installation” model. After the structural construction and interior decoration of each module are completed in the factory assembly line, they are transported to the project site and quickly assembled into a container house building, reducing the house construction time by more than 60% compared with traditional buildings.

What is Container Van House?

The container van house is a rectangular box, with a flat roof, waterproof floor, a door, two windows, and a lighting and electrical system. Once installed, you can move in with a package.

The interior height size of a container van house is 2.80 meters and is usually 20 or 40 feet long, with a standard width of 2.40 or 3 meters.

The color of the wall panel of the container van room can be customized according to your needs, the common steel plate colors are camouflage, red, blue, gray, etc.

Detachable Container Van House
BottomFrame structure2.5 mm thick steel section
 FloorMGO board, waterproof, fireproof
(optional fiber cement)
 Floor1.8 mm PVC flooring (extra cost)
RoofFrame construction2.3mm thick section steel
 Outer Covers0.426mm stainless steel sheet
 InsulationGlass wool
 Ceiling lights0.25mm steel plate bottom tile
UsageCarport, Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop, Factory
Corner 4.5 Cold rolled steel sections, galvanized, welded (160 mm * 160 mm)
Wall PanelSandwich panel 50 mm rock wool
WindowAluminum window size 925mm * 1200mm
(3mm single glass)
DoorSteel door size 925 mm * 2035 mm
ElectricityLights, switches, sockets, distribution boxes, circuit breakers, and wires
PaintAutomatic galvanizing and baking paint spray forming
Size5950 (L) * 3000 (W) * 2800 (H)

Best Construction Site Housing Solutions

The planning process for a construction site housing project begins with design and includes site analysis, project conceptualization, design development, budget estimating, and construction materials. This is the part where your project vision comes to life!

All container van houses are carefully designed to provide not only safety but also efficiency, cost management, and waste reduction. The second phase of the process allows us to accurately forecast project costs.

The third phase of the process is permitting; permitting for the container van is done in-house at the factory by a third-party inspector while permitting for all site-related components is done locally.

Once building permits are obtained, we will begin manufacturing all components. Here, expandable container houses are converted into modular, detachable structures that include framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, wall panel, and more. One of the most compelling arguments for factory construction is that all site work is pre-manufactured at the factory. You only need to install the foundation, assemble the house, and connect the utilities at the construction site.

The final stage is the site fit-out, which depends on your preferences and local regulations.

For us, it is important to understand that all markets are different across the Philippines. There are some states or municipalities that allow most homes to be built in a factory, while others require a larger percentage of the site to be built. This difference affects not only the price of the project but also the way we approach each project.

K-home is a professional container van construction supplier that offers fully customizable, turnkey solutions. As a one-stop-shop, we provide design, camp construction, installation, fabrication, fieldwork, and project coordination for each project.

If you’re struggling with the camp construction or container van office plan, then our custom design services may be just the thing for you! Our design team, drafting staff, and sales will specialize in planning your project, matching needs, budget, and sustainable value.


Container Van House Lifespan

About 25 years.
The lifespan of a container van house depends mainly on its quality and geography. However, the Philippines is always hot and rainy, in the installation of container housing to pay attention to the foundation and rain problems, and do a good job of daily maintenance and anti-corrosion work, the container housing life of up to 25 years.

Container Van House Price

The price of container van houses in the Philippines varies greatly depending on the materials used. A cheap container costs Php160,000 to Php180,000 while a good quality 20-foot container costs Php230,000.

K-home container van house price only Php130,000 because our factory is in a container manufacturing base in China, which is known for its low cost and high quality. We have been working with the famous EEI and other construction companies, so if you need to visit our completed projects locally.

Do I Need Building Permit for Container House Philippines?

Yes. Although container housing is not a permanent structure, you need to obtain local planning permission in the Philippines before you can build. So before you plan your project, please contact your local planning office to get a clear answer about your site.

Pros of Container Van House:

  • Flexible Design: The container van house designs create the possibility to achieve all kinds of buildings, and it can easily adjust the design based on your requirement in the future. If you need to move the container van room, it can also be moved without assembly and everything keeps inside. The Container House in the Philippines can meet your needs on the tight time schedule and strict design requirements.
  • Quick Assembly: All the components of the portable container house will be finished in our factory. This can prevent the site installation from the delayed due to bad weather. The container house made of container van also requires fewer workers than traditional buildings; most projects can be finished in several weeks.
  • Low Cost: The container van house is a cost-effective solution for temporary house use, suitable for repeat use. Since all the production is finished in the factory, the construction process will be shorter on the site. Moreover, everything that refers to design is confirmed before production so the material will not waste so much.

Cons of Container Van House:

  • Structural Issues: While container van homes are sturdy, their roofs and wall panels are vulnerable, requiring the installation of a secondary roof or canopy if you’re in an area with a lot of rain and snow. In addition, when combining multiple boxes to build a larger structure, the splices will need to be reinforced.
  • Insulation Issues: The wall panel thickness of container house is usually 50mm/75mm/100mm, if your area is very cold, you need to add external wall panel outside to make your partition thicker, so that you can insulate the container house well. This also means that the cost will increase.
  • Exterior and Interior Space is Limited: Container houses come in standard lengths of 20ft and 40ft, which means that the exterior shape will be limited when multiple boxes are combined. In addition, after the container house is installed, the interior space is only 8ft high, and there may not be enough headroom for taller people.
  • Installation Concerns: Container homes are still unfamiliar in some areas and most contractors are not familiar with the structure of container homes, so they may not be skilled enough to install them on site. Therefore, you should find a container house supplier with after-sales service and installation guidance.
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