Container Van House

In the past, the application areas of container van houses were limited to workers’ dormitories, on-site office rooms, and simple public toilet rooms that were temporarily or short-term urgently needed on construction sites. In fact, the container house can also be developed into hotel-type mobile houses in current tourist attractions and large shopping plazas; living accommodation buildings, and administrative buildings that need long-term use in mining areas and field camps. The emergence of container van houses with various functions has brought great convenience to people’s life and work. With the development of technology, container van houses will be widely used in various fields.


Technical Date

  1. Standard Size:5950*3000*2800mm(L*W*H).
  2. Floor Number: 3 floors at most.
  3. Flame Resistance:Grade A. The container van house use the rock wool sandwich panel as wall material, which is incombustible.
  4. Floor Loading: 2.0KN/m2. The container van house uses the 18mm thickness MGO floor board, which is also fireproof material.
  5. Earthquake Resistance: Grade 8.
  6. Wind Resistance: The container van house can withstand 75-78km/h wind speed under the standard material configuration. If you need higher wind speed resistance, our technician will make structural calculation and provide you the solution.
  7. Life Span: The design service life of container van house is 15-20 years. The actual service life will depend on the use environment and maintenance.
  8. Installation Speed: Three skilled workers can install two standard size units (5950mmL3000mmW2800mmH) of container van house.
  9. Loading Capacity: One 40’HQ shipping container can load 11 units of standard size container van house, and one 20’GP shipping container can load 4 units of standard size container van house.

Why Choose Container Van House

Flexible Design

The container van house designs create the possibility to achieve all kinds of buildings, and it can easily adjust the design based on your requirement in the future. If you need to move the container van house, it can also be moved without assembly and everything keeps inside. Container Van House can meet your needs on the tight time schedule and strict design requirements.

Quick Assembly

All the components of the container van house will be finished in our factory. This can prevent the site installation from the delayed due to bad weather. The container house made of container van also requires fewer workers than traditional buildings; most projects can be finished in several weeks.

Low Cost

The container van house is a cost-effective solution for temporary house use, suitable for repeat use. Since all the production is finished in the factory, the construction process will be shorter on the site. Moreover, everything that refers to design is confirmed before production so the material will not waste so much.

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