Temporary Modular Student Housing In Guyana

Product: Container Accommodation
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use:  Container Hotel for Students
Quantity: 16 Units
Time: March,2021
Location: Guyana

Temporary Modular Student Housing In Guyana

Due to the increase in the number of students, the expansion of the school is affected by funding and construction schedules, so we received an inquiry from Guyana customers for high-quality temporary modular student housing. Their school is facing a large number of student accommodation problems and is in trouble.

With the continuous expansion of market demand and the change of people’s concepts, the advantages of modular container housing have been recognized by more and more people. The container house has a short construction period, environmental protection, safety, pollution-free, and low cost. So it’s a cost-effective, high-quality, and environmentally friendly solution to a short student modular dormitory.


  1. The environment at the construction site in Guyana is wet and rainy, requiring a complete drainage system. The house also needs rust prevention
  2. The limited land area, we need to design to accommodate enough students.
  3. This student dormitory buildings need to provide a comfortable living environment, so need to solve all foundational facilities.
  4. The students start school soon, so there is not much time left for construction


  1. When we know that the customer’s project was very urgent, we immediately held a video meeting with the customer. During the meeting, we discussed the design requirements of the house in detail.
  2. This project mainly need office and dormitory area, so we mainly separate this project into 2 building, and due to limit land size, so we make it into 2 floor, it will reduce time on foundation treatment.
  3. According to customer needs, we provided customers with very detailed drawings in just one day.
  4. In response to the customer’s requirements for house drainage and rust prevention, we recommended a secondary roof to the customer and upgraded the thickness of the wall panel


With our rich experience, we have provided customers with a complete project solution in a short period of time and shipped them immediately. Finally, the client completed the construction before the start of school, and the client was very satisfied with our efficient work.

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