3-Storey Container House Man Camp Housing Project In Beijing

Product: Container Camp Construction
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Man Camp Buildings
Quantity: 461 Units
Capacity:2500 People
Time: 2020
Location: Beijing

Man Camp Housing Solutions

This container house project is located in the capital of China, Beijing. This is a huge man camp housing project that can accommodate 2500 workers. Due to the very tight construction period of the project, we sent professional engineers to guide 60 workers in the installation, and finally completed the construction of all 461 container units in one and a half months.


1. Timeframe – all buildings to be installed and ready for use within 2 months of arrival on site.
2. Large and unfamiliar workforce tasked with installing the buildings locally.
3. Strict local code to be adhered to for MEP while also coming under budget.
4. To recycle the container after a construction site is completed.


1. Designed economical, safe accommodation spaces to fit the client’s brief. Arranged manufacture of custom-made open balconies with glass balustrades
Designed and installed unique flashing and parapets
2. Sent a team to supervise 70+ local assembly/construction workers.
3. we use this type of flat pack container house, which is strong and can be stacked to two floors, saving land space, and customers can freely transport it to other locations in the future.


All buildings were supplied on time and within budget
The man camp buildings were completed on schedule, allowing a major piece of national infrastructure to open as planned.

Need the fast and cheap remote housing solutions? Please contact our team for free camp planning and design for you, such as oil field camp, mine site accommodation, including on-site offices, storage rooms, canteens, toilets, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, Guardhouse, etc.

What is a Man Camp Housing?

Modular man camp building becomes more and more popular and widely used in different industries such as construction industry, oilfield, mineral industry, military use, etc. Its quick construction period, competitive price, and short delivery time make it become the favorite choice in temporary building solutions. With the technology development, K-Home is committed to providing turnkey solutions for clients from all over the world. We have a professional technician team that has more than 10-year work experience. After you share with us your design ideas, we will customize the design for you. If you need it, we can also make a 3D design for you.

Modular Workforce Housing

In the remote area, if you want to start a project and need to find a solution for your worker accommodation quickly, then modular workforce housing is your ideal solution. Workforce housing solutions can provide a fully-equipped accommodation camp for workers. For example, worker dormitory, administrative office, kitchen & dining hall, recreation room, etc. The design of container houses can be adjusted by using the different unit combinations. It can also stack up for two or three floors to make a building complex. We can also provide the matched furniture such as bunk bed, desk & chair, cabinet, sanitary wares. So you don’t need to buy them in your local, saving time and cost for you.

For different site locations, we will choose the housing material based on the local climate conditions. If you are in a cold area, we can upgrade the wall material by using 75mm polyurethane sandwich panels for better insulation. If your area rains a lot, we recommend you add a second slope roof, so the rainwater can be drained faster. We will also provide the water gutter and downspout for this sloping roof.

Oil Field Man Camp Housing

As we all know, the oil field or minefields are all far from the city center, so management should consider how to provide a good living environment for workers. Oil field man camp housing also adopts the container unit structure, providing a both quick and cost-effective solution for them. What’s more, the container modules can be moved among different project locations easily. When you don’t need it as an oil field man camp home, you can also change its design for repeat use. The modular design makes it easy to adjust the size by increasing or decreasing the module quantity.

K-Home can produce 300 units of portable container houses every month. If you have a tight time schedule, we can also speed up to meet your needs. Besides, since all the components of the modular man camp are produced in our factory, the installation on the construction site is very quick. When you can settle the worker accommodation fast, the oilfield can come into service quickly, so you can start to get returns.

You don’t need to worry about the construction of oil field man camp housing. After delivery of the man camp buildings, we will make a full set of the detailed installation guide for you. The installation guidance will include the construction drawings, installation manual, and installation video. We also have local agents in Ethiopia and Kenya. We can send our technician from there to your site for installation guidance. They have abroad working experience and will guarantee your installation process goes smoothly.

How Much Does a Man Camp Housing Cost?

The price of man camp housing ranges from $120-200 per square meter. Its accurate cost will be determined by its design and quantity. The more you need, the internal design is simpler, the cost will be lower. If you need to equip the furniture, the cost will be higher than normal. If your local has a specific building code that we must change the standard material to comply with it, then the cost will be higher also. Since the customization will cause more production costs.

Modular Container Solutions

With the development of the technologies, K-home modular containers have been upgraded for 3 generations at least. We keep improving and optimizing the whole structure based on our clients ‘feedback, trying to provide the most reliable and cost-effective to our clients. Except for the temporary rig camps, the container modules can also be used as commercial buildings, low and middle-income family houses, and public facilities such as schools, etc.