Remote Camp Housing Solutions

Product: K type prefab house
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Man Camp Housing
Area: 2280 ㎡
Time: 2020
Location: Fujian

Remote Camp Housing Solutions for Miners in Fujian

Fujian Mining Company was established in 2002 as a mining company. In recent years, with the expansion of business routes, it is necessary to provide accommodation for workers in remote mountainous areas of Fujian.
K-home is a professional supplier and has extensive experience in providing one-stop solutions. Especially On-Site Accommodation in remote areas. Such as Drilling Camps, Man Camp Housing, Oil Field Camp.

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Fujian Mining Company project manager found us through our official website khomehouse. They don’t have any experience with such a big project and don’t have any drawing plans. They only provided miners numbers and land area. We not only provide the customized portable man camps drawing but also provide the best solution for them according to their construction site situation.


As there are more workers, the camp has more functional areas, including offices, accommodation, restaurants, public toilets, and public showers. Our team of designers and customers communicated many times and finally provided customers with satisfactory design drawings.
Since the customer’s workers’ dormitory must be completed within 3 months, time is tight. In order to make the dormitory to be completed within the specified time, we sent a professional installation team to train their workers.


In the end, we provided customers with high-quality products and services within the specified time. The customer is very happy and thinks that we are trustworthy friends and will cooperate with us in the future.

If you want to know any information about the Prefab Camp, please feel free to contact us!

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First, we are here looking for long-term cooperation, we will not compromise on quality to get your order.
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And we really take your quality control seriously, because we know the only reason that keeps us survive in the market is good quality.
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