Affordable Prefab Homes For Algeria Cement Factory Project

Product: T Type Prefab Homes
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Man Camp Housing
Quantity: 210 Units
Capacity:300 People
Time: 2020
Location: Algeria

Affordable Prefab Homes

Prefab Workers Housing Solutions in Algeria

In order to improve the living condition of the cement factory workers in Algeria, the engineering manager decide to invest in this Affordable Prefab Homes project for those low-income families. At the start of this project, they were planned to build it with traditional concrete blocks. But, there were very obvious drawbacks to this construction method. It may take more than 1 year to complete the whole project. That’s why they came to explore a new building that can easily be constructed and fast to build. They found the answer, steel frame prefab tiny house.

After negotiation in one month. They finally ordered all the construction materials from K-home and decided to assemble this project by themselves. No design plans were in place prior to our involvement in the project, and no defined list of product/goods requirements existed prior, it needs very tight supplier coordination and quality control. We designed and supplied 210 units of prefab homes, and assisted the client with site design and utility planning. K-home provided the goods at a cost price. We successfully delivered a total of 45x40HQ shipping containers.

Among all the materials, the steel frames were produced by K-home which was completely matching with world’s main building standard. Such as CE, AS/NZS, ISO, GB, AISI..etc. Other construction materials, such as gypsum board, OSB board, asphalt tiles, and glass wool are all eco-friendly. Our fast and efficient design plan and service were recognized by the engineering manager. He said: You gave me a surprise.

Prefab Housing Units Manufacturer in China

K-Home Prefab Homes supplies solutions for a variety of industries, K-Home as a prefab housing companies leader, provides one-stop service from prefab housing plans to installation. Due to the modular design, the size of prefab dormitory housing is very flexible, can be stacked up to 3 layers. Slope roof is available for a rainy country, based on our experience, the steel structure design layout is very practical that making sure the house is strong enough and keeping a competitive price. Now, it gets more and more concern in public.

Prefab Housing Kits has widely used for drilling camps, oilfield housing, ground-level office, portable toilet, we have a team of professional engineers, if you don’t have a design yet, our engineer can customize a detailed drawing freely.

K-Home has advanced machines that all the quality has approved CE, ISO certificates, and the lifespan is long to 15 years.

For the delivery period, our factory can manufacture 3000 square meters of prefab housing units every month, so the lead time is within 20days.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Prefab House

  1. Professional engineer/ drawing: before start to construct, one detailed drawing is necessary to show the total layout for every room, even every house components, if you not has design, experienced engineer team can give you thinkful guide.
  2. Customized service: you must ensure the company can take your local environment and size in consideration, such as rainy climate, hot/cold weather, then the buidling you get is most suitable and practical in local site.
  3. Experienced factory: when you find a prefab housing company, pls check their factory show, one experienced and advanced factory can give more safety guarantee. Moreover, they manufacture house in bulk, so the price you get are more compertitive.
  4. Good after-sales service: the prefab housing unit is build by screws and bolts in local site, so there are some installation confusions will meet, one company can supply detailed and patiently installation service is very necessary.

Loading and Shipment

In the transportation of loading from our factory to your construction site, every step is important to build a beautiful building, we will give you a detailed suggestion for every step.

Once the prefab house is manufactured in a factory, the sales manager and manufacture manager will do marks for every house part to ensure the late installation is easy, there are experienced load workers to load them into 20ft or 40ft shipping containers to prevent damage.

Affordable Prefab Homes for Construction Site