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Prefab home is a new concept environmentally friendly and economical light steel structure sandwich board house with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, and standard modular series for space combination. It is suitable for various construction sites, offices, migrant workers’ dormitories, or government resettlement houses, etc.

The components are connected by bolts. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings, and establishes an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, fast, and efficient construction concept, and makes the temporary housing enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory, and availability. The field of stereotyped products used for many times of turnover, multi-functional rooms. The wall adopts light-weight thermal insulation rock wool thermal insulation material and galvanized steel plate, which has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, and corrosion resistance. The wall is decorated with high-grade plastic pattern wallpaper, and the indoor ceiling is made of an aluminum alloy keel gypsum board. The overall appearance is novel, easy to install, and saves construction costs.

Product Details

1SizeSpecificationlength-can be customized
Width-3T,4T,5T,6T,3.5T,4.5T,5.5T etc.
2Standard accessoriesWallEPS/Glass Wool/Rock Wool ,50/75/100mm thickness
3Standard accessoriesRoofEPS/Glass Wool/Rock Wool ,50/75/100mm thickness
4Standard accessoriesDoorSandwich panel door/Steel door/Security door
5Standard accessoriesWindowPVC sliding window/aluminum alloy glass window
6Standard accessoriesPillarSquare tube 8080/100100
7Standard accessoriesRoof beamSquare tube 40*80
8Standard accessoriesRoof trussSquare tube 40*80
9Standard accessoriesPurlinSquare tube 40*80
10Optional accessoriesCeilingCalcium silicate board/ PVC ceiling
11Optional accessoriesFloorPVC flooring sheet/flooring tiles/Ploywood
12Optional accessoriesElectricityCan offer plan and construction
13Optional accessoriesFurnituresCan offer plan and construction

Standard Specification  

mT * nT * uH (1T=1150mm, 1H=100mm)

Technical Parameter  

AOverall weight≥50~60kg/sqm
BAnti sesmic8 grade
CWind-proof capacity8grade
DFloor loading capacity150kg/sqm
ERoof loading capacity≥60kg/sqm
FExternal wall bearing capacity≥50kg/sqm
GWalkway loading capacity≥150KG/M²
HWalkway Load≥200KG/M²
IWall Impact≥80KG/M²
  • On-site office
  • Outdoor work camp
  • Government resettlement
  • non-profit organization
  • Refugee residence

Leading of Prefab Homes Supplier In China

K-HOME is a leading modular prefab homes supplier in china with low prices. We have the best steel home kits suitable for a wide range of applications and preferably fit for Site Office, Government Resettlement Housing, and Outdoor Workers Housing. As you know light steel frame prefab home solutions have become a popular standard and are gaining industrial grounds for increased supplies on different grounds.
K-HOME has leading steel homes for preferable applications and can be customized to the requirement if needed. The houses are built on quality foundations as well as following specific industrial rules and regulations to keep standards to the line.

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Affordable Prefab Homes Advantages

  • Integrated production, supporting supply
  • Light steel structure, waterproof, anti-seismic, anti-corrosion
  • Sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection
  • Quick installation, turnkey solution
  • Low construction cost, service life over 20 years

Prefab Homes for Different Uses

The prefab homes can be widely used in different industries, including offices, dormitories, recreation rooms, shops, training centers, mobile clinics, etc. You only need to share with us your requirements on the size and inter layout, then our technician team can customize a prefab home design for you for free.

Are prefab Homes Cheaper than Buying a House?

Yes, Absolutely. The T-type prefab homes belong to the temporary buildings. Its design service life is about 15-20 years. If you are looking for a temporary house solution, the prefab homes for sale are your best choice. You can easily find a prefab home under 20k in the market. Generally, the FOB prefab homes’ China price is about $60-100 per square meter. If you upgrade the material, the price will change accordingly.

Are Prefab Homes Worth It?

Durable quality

The modular homes are made of galvanized steel structure and sandwich panel, which has good performance on insulation, corrosive resistance, wind resistance, and earthquake resistance. All our steel structure is galvanized so it can resist corrosion. We also improve the floor system; using more floor purlins to support the floorboard.
Besides, we will update the prefab house design continuously with the advanced technology based on our rich project experience, which will guarantee the China prefab house has a better performance.

Quick Installation

The house is designed before delivery and production. And all the materials of the prefabricated modular houses are connected by bolts and screws. So there is no need for large-scale installation machines. And no welding work on the construction site will also save a lot of time.

Lower Cost

We K-home are located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Here is the production base of prefab modern homes, so we have the complete industrial chain. All the accessories related to the prefabricated houses, we can easily find here. And we can supply you with a turnkey house solution. The production cost will also be greatly reduced.

Short Delivery

The components of prefabricated homes are assembly line produced, so the production speed is very quick. We K-home can produce modular homes around 2,000 square meters every day. If you need it urgently, we can also make the production quicker.

Customized design

Have you dreamed about DIY your own modern homes? These prefab modern homes can meet your needs easily. For internal layout design, you can tell us what functional areas you need and the requirements on the size, then our technician will make a professional design for you.

After the installation in your local, you can freely layout the furniture just like in the traditional building. The color and pattern of the wall can be adjusted also, the easiest way is that you paint it after finishing the installation. Or we can change the steel plate color and add a layer of decoration panel for you. Even the roof type can be decided by you. If you need the balcony, terrace, or patio, this prefab kit home can also achieve it for you.

Environmental Friendly

We will confirm the prefab home design with clients in advance, so there will be no need for reprocessing work on the construction site, which will not cause extra construction waste on-site. When you don’t need the house anymore, its material can also be recycled. The mobile home save resources to the utmost extent, protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable, and efficient use of space, and buildings that live in harmony with nature

How Can I Get A Prefab Homes From China?

If you don’t have import experience, you can consult the forwarder company or an import agency. The HS code of prefab homes for sale is 94069000. They can use this number to check more details about the import tax or duty tax. We will use the shipping container to transport all the materials of mobile homes to your seaport and then your forwarder company can help you to manage the customs clearance and inland transportation.

Do Prefab Homes Need Ground Foundations?

Yes, the prefab homes need a ground foundation. Usually, the ground foundation is 300mm wide and 300mm high cement foundation. The accurate ground foundation should be made according to the local geological conditions.

How to Build Prefab Homes?

The installation of the prefab modular homes is very easy. We will provide a full set of installation guide for you including construction drawing, installation manual, and installation video. If you need installation guidance, we also have an installation team in Kenya, Mali, and Ethiopia. We can send our engineer to your site to train your local workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prefab Home is modular designed and can be customized to your needs. Every single bedroom can have a private bathroom and can be also equipped with a TV, air conditioning and other facilities, which is similar to living in the town. A fully functional temporary living quarter, not only includes an accommodation area but also including an office, meeting room, kitchen, dining hall, and other recreation areas. Our low-cost prefab home can fully achieve these designs.

K-home manufactures practical prefab homes, which are characterized by their low prices, can be set up very quickly and can be designed according to different climate zones. Our modular houses are designed to make life easier and better for you. That is why we are constantly improving our structure system. The orders of the customers go in our module houses in different directions, whether prefab home or shelter building. We work for low-income people and homeless people of eco-friendly and affordable housing. A modular prefab home that meets the desired standard is just as important as comfort and aesthetics. Our prefab modular homes are designed for high insulation and maximum energy consumption. K-home comfortable, fully secure, and durable modular homes are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to create your own affordable living space.

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