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What is Prefab Homes?

Prefab homes are houses built using industrial production methods, where some or all of the components of a house are prefabricated in a factory and then transported to the construction site where the components are assembled by means of reliable connections to build the house.

One of the biggest advantages of prefab homes, which can be considered the future direction of residential construction, is the price, which is usually lower than that of a traditionally built house without the risk of paying extra costs.

Why prefab home?

  • Intensive production in the factory, saving material costs.
  • The construction period is shortened, saving labor costs.
  • The structure is more sturdy and durable.
  • Anti-termites and pests, better sound insulation.
  • The construction is not affected by the weather.
  • The delivery date is more predictable.

Prefab Homes Under 30K
prefab container house

Prefabricated Container Homes Under 10K

The prefabricated container house is a kind of movable and reusable building product. It is also called “folding container house” or “quick-assembly house”.

Adopting modular design and factory production, they can be used individually or in different combinations in horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious space and can be stacked in the vertical direction.


General standard container house size: 5950 (Length) *3000 (Width) *2800 (Height) mm, of course, you also can customize the size according to your requirement.

Each standard unit container house is 18m2, you can combine them flexibly based on your design. Container houses average from $ 2400-2900 USD per unit without a transportation fee. If you’d like to build a 36-54m2 with 2-3 bedrooms, it will only cost about $5000-7000 USD. Besides, if you wanna make the house looks more beautiful, you decorate them through an external wall panel or glass wall which you like.

K Type Chinese Prefab Houses Under 10K

The prefab modular house is an environmentally friendly and economic prefabricated k house with light steel as the framework, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, standard modular series space combination, and components connected by bolts.

It is convenient to disassemble and assemble, realize the general standardization of temporary construction, and establish the concept of environmental protection, energy-saving, fast and efficient construction, and enable temporary housing to enter the development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory of finalized products, and multiple turnover use.


The length and width of K-TYPE Prefab House can be customized according to the needs of the user but must meet the modulus requirements. K-type prefab house is calculated based on K. 1 K is equal to 1820mm. The standard size is the wall panel size with 160mm column width. For example, the gable width commonly used is 3800mm for 2K, 5620mm for 3K, and 7440mm for 4K. , If it is 3K, then the total width is 5780mm. The height is also fixed, the height of the single-story mobile room is 3P, which is 2850mm.

The cost of a K-Type prefab house is the opposite of traditional buildings. The smaller the building area, the higher the unit price. Conversely, if the building area is larger, the price per square meter will be relatively cheaper. The price range is about 35-60USD per square.

T Type China Prefab Homes Under 10K

T-Type prefab house is also a house with light steel as the frame and sandwich panel as the shell material and bolted together.

There is no major difference in materials between T-type prefab houses and K-type prefab houses. The biggest difference is that the steel frame of the T-type prefab house is external and the size of the T-type prefab house is not standard or fixed. That means the design can be more flexible. It can be customized according to customers’ needs.

The structural stability and strength of the T-type prefab house are higher than that of the K-type house, so its cost is slightly higher than that of the K-type house. The price range is about 45-65USD per square.


If your budget is under $50K, it is possible to go for a house of your own that is not only affordable but also green and saves a lot of time and labor. There is no doubt that a prefab house is the first choice.
In addition to being a family home, they can also be used for on-site construction, fieldwork, emergency housing, etc.

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