Container Hotel Project In Ethiopia

Product: Flat Pack Containers
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Container Hotel
Quantity: 112 Units
Capacity:60 People
Time: 2020
Location: Ethiopia

Container Hotel In Ethiopia covers an area of 1098 m2, total needs 112 unit container house; some temporary facility is customized size, with full glass wall on the second floor. Our client has a high-quality request for the whole building.

Container Hotel Design

Inside the hotels, there are 41 bedrooms on 2 floors, and some offices, bars, kitchen, laundry room, storage rooms are also included on the 1st floor.

All the material is produced in our factory within 1 month and we make delivery after the client receives the cargo, we send our engineer from Nairobi to fly to Ethiopia to make assembling.

Customers are very satisfied with our quick response, customized solutions for this container hotel rooms, quick installation of the temporary container house, and the quality of the container unit, and expressed a strong interest in a long-term cooperation.

We K-Home hope could help more people live in their desired houses and provide housing solutions for more people.

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