Ablution Toilet Block

Ablution Block is a modular restroom with a brand-new environmental protection concept and economy, which can be easily and quickly disassembled and assembled with a container house as the main body. The ablution container toilet has its own sewage treatment system, can be moved anywhere according to visitors and changes in the construction site. It has the advantages of strong adaptability, strong creativity, low price, low carbon, environmental protection, convenient movement, and high safety.

No matter whether you need a beautiful ablution block in the crowded city center, or at your construction site, so matter the size, we can all customize it for you. For the portable ablution container, the weakest parts determine the service life. Toilet room and shower room needs frequently clean with water, so waterproof treatment is a quite important and necessary process. We consider most for the floor structure in the toilet room, usually we use 3 waterproof layers, aluminum, felt and construction cement, those are all well know waterproof material, besides those, we also use an exhaust fan, drainage pipe, etc to support the moisture air go out quickly.

The container toilet Block adopts a popular design, which is novel and beautiful, occupies a small space, and is flexible in movement. The container ablution toilet provides a low-cost and hygienic treatment plan that can be used temporarily for a short period of time or in remote areas.

Product Details

Ablution Block Design

Under the premise of maintaining the advantages of small size, strong mobility, and convenient installation, the container also retains all the functions of the traditional toilet, and the user will not reduce the comfort of the toilet.

The standard size of the container toilet unit is 3*6 meters (10*20ft), thanks to its screw-connected structure, it can be expanded easily from 4 sides, and the inside layout is very flexible, no matter what you want to put, the toilet seat, urinal, washbasin, showerheads, etc. We can customize it for you based on the size.

Ablution Units design principles:

  1. Functional principle. The ablution units design should meet the various functional needs of tourists of different genders, ages, and special groups.
  2. The principle of coordination. The appearance of the toilet is in harmony with the surroundings and the building.
  3. the principle of low carbon. Equipped with a sewage treatment system, saving water; using ecological building materials, but also using new energy and new technologies.

Ablution Block can meet the needs of rapid social construction. Public support measures often cannot keep up with the pace of social development. At present, the emergence of container toilets has solved this problem very well and met the need for rapid toilet construction in some public places.


Ablution Containers have a variety of different applications, including but not limited to:

  • Construction sites
  • Mining & Oilfield industry
  • Military camp
  • Public parks
  • Warehouses & Factories
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Sports complexes
  • Festivals and special events

A portable ablution block can give you a nice toilet when there are no other ordinary WC facilities in the immediate area. Additional optional features include:

  • Safety glass mirrors
  • Built-in soap dispensers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Custom countertops

Ablution Block Facilities Benefits

  • Prefabricated structure, rapid construction, easy to move.
  • With the closed device, no smell leaks.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reasonable toilet layout, customizable.
  • Independent energy supply and sewage treatment system.
  • Suitable for various humid and corrosive environments.
  • Beautiful appearance, Green environmental protection.
  • Over 20 years of service life.

Ablution Blocks for Building and Construction

Do you have a team of workers who spend extended periods of time outdoors? They will need ablution block toilet and shower blocks and/or portable shower blocks. Khome’s toilets and shower blocks are available in a variety of sizes, from simple single toilets or showers to complete bathrooms. Each structure is equipped with tooth holes/lug holes for easy transportation and/or manipulation of cranes and forklifts. Each ablution block can be directly connected to any sewer on the property or one of the company’s innovative and multifunctional portable waste bins. By combining these waste bins, these facilities can be placed almost anywhere without a sewer connection, because it ensures that the entire packaging is completely independent.

When you step inside of a toilet block, you will feel like you’re in an ordinary public restroom. The floors and walls are white, clean, and shiny. You could never tell from the inside that it is a portable toilet block in the middle of an outdoor environment. Prefabricated Toilet And Shower Blocks could be placed on grass, dirt, or any other type of even terrain.

K-home has over 15 decades of experience engineering and building mobile restrooms. Our experts are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of every user, from the initial design phase to the final installation. Contact our representatives today and get a free quote from Khome!

What is Ablution Block?

The ablution block is a movable and customizable container structure, which is widely used in various industries and provides public facilities for areas lacking toilets. It has many advantages: easy to install and move as a whole, it can be built in different places, and can be customized according to project requirements.

Our portable ablution units use the latest drainage system:

  • The first is about the ground: cement board + waterproof felt + aluminum board. Three layers of protection, and fast drainage. So that your ablution blocks ground is easy to clean and not easy to slip.
  • The second is about our roof system: Our roof system adopts a sloping roof, and the water does not accumulate on the roof but flows down. At the same time, we have 4 water gutters on the roof beam, plus 4 drainpipes in the column. Rainwater can flow down easily, and will not wet your house.
  • The house is fast installation. It only takes 3 people about 4 hours to accomplish one standard container installation. Simple and easy to operate. it will greatly save your time and cost.
  • Modular toilet shower blocks are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy to assemble, movable, fireproof, and waterproof.
  • Nowadays, in order to protect the environment and reduce the generation of construction waste, mobile toilet unit is becoming more and more popular, becoming the choice of most people.

If you want temporary, fast construction, low-cost, ablution toilet blocks, our prefabricated ablution blocks are your best choice.

What are the Advantages of Ablution Block Containers?

Compared with traditional toilets, container toilets have strong adaptability advantages:

1. Topography and Landform Adaptation

The ablution block container is small in size and does not require major changes to the terrain.

2. Landscape Adaptation

Ablution block containers can be made of local materials, through external spraying, skinning, and other micro-environment construction, creating a landscape that is integrated with the scenic spot or construction site and has little dependence on the surrounding environment.

3. Climate Adaptation

Ablution block containers have the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, and high safety.

4. Cultural Adaptation

Ablution block containers can become one of the material carriers of scenic culture. From the perspective of building scale, architectural style, building layout, building structure outside the bathroom, and interior decoration content, form, and color of the building, it can be integrated into the local environment.

5. Facility Renovation

The ablution block container itself is a completely enclosed structure that can be equipped with an independent energy supply and sewage treatment systems to form a toilet space in the scenic area.

6. High-cost Performance

The price of the ablution container is only 1/10 of the price of the building materials required for the traditional toilet, which greatly reduces the construction cost.

Working Principle Of Ablution Container Toilet

The ablution container mobile toilet uses an integrated double-sealed foam squatting pan. The foam produced by the foaming mixture is used to block the sewage outlet of the toilet, thereby preventing the bad smell from spreading into the toilet. At the same time, the foam has a strong lubricating effect, so that the stool can be very It slides smoothly into the treatment tank, and can be discharged by suction trucks, or directly connected to municipal sewage pipes; it is hygienic and clean, convenient, and worry-free for management; low operating cost, very little water consumption, suitable for water-free places such as scenic spots.

The integrated double-sealed foam squatting pan is a new product with good technology and environmental protection. It is mainly composed of an overflow foaming washing system and a foam real-time monitoring supplementary system, all stainless steel parts, an integrated design, and a box structure; Independent unit installation; sanitary and clean; water saving.

1. More Convenient Installation Method

One of the main reasons why container toilets are recognized and widely used is that the installation workers of container toilets are very convenient. They only need to be transported to a designated place by truck, and each drain and defecation pipe can be connected immediately. The highest efficiency solves the problem of the lack of toilets in some public places.

2. Lower Engineering Cost

Another important reason why the popular container toilet can be reused and gradually replaced with the traditional toilet is its lower engineering cost. Traditional toilets must be built with walls and bricks just like building a house. Not only is the construction time delayed and people use it, but the cost is also quite high. The industry-leading container toilets only need to be transported to the destination for installation, and all other facilities have been integrated into the container.

3. Complete Facilities and Equipment

As mentioned above, the container toilet has integrated all the facilities in the container, which means that “the sparrow is small and has all its internal organs”. The container can retain the tradition while maintaining the advantages of small size, strong mobility, and convenient installation. With all the functions of the toilet, the user will not reduce the comfort of using the toilet at all.

It can be seen that there are reasons why container toilets can be widely recognized and supported by all sectors of society. These container toilets provide construction and users with greater convenience in terms of installation and use, making them the first choice for places lacking public toilets. They can quickly establish a usable and complete system in a short time. The functional toilet makes the missing jigsaw of this livelihood project properly filled.

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