modular prefab Ablution Blocks

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what is the ablution block?

The ablution block is a movable and customizable container structure, which is widely used in various industries and provides public facilities for areas lacking toilets. Ablution Block is a modular restroom which can be easily and quickly disassembled and assembled with a container house as the main body. The ablution container toilet can be moved anywhere according to visitors and changes in the construction site. It has the advantages of strong adaptability, strong creativity, low price, low carbon, environmental protection, convenient movement, and high safety. The container ablution toilet provides a low-cost and hygienic treatment plan that can be used temporarily for a short period of time or in remote areas. No matter whether you need a prefab ablution block in the crowded city center, or at your construction site, so matter the size, we can all customize it for you.

ablution blocks design

Container ablution block design is an innovative site solution that uses the steel structure and portability of the container to ablution facilities. As a public restroom design, the container toilet block can be an independent module building, or it can be used as part of the prefab container office building or container dormitory building. Here are some commonly used designs of container ablution blocks. The modular ablution block uses the steel structure as the main structure to ensure stability and service life. Set up multiple independent compartments in the men’s and women’s partitions, equipped with basic facilities such as toilet, urinal, washbasin, and shower. To ensure ventilation and lighting, a sufficient amount of windows are designed to introduce natural light and fresh air to improve the lighting and ventilation effects of the restroom. It is recommended that you install the exhaust fan to ensure the circulation of air in the bathroom and reduce the smell and humidity.

ablution block container

The standard size of the detachable container ablution unit is about 3*6 meters, and the standard size of the flat pack containers and folding container units is about 2.4x6m. Generally speaking, the compartment could only be placed on one side. Due to the structure of its screw connection, it can easily expand from the four sides, and the internal layout is very flexible. No matter what you want, toilet seats, urinal, washbasins, shower rooms, etc. The restroom on the first floor is more flexible. You can choose to bury the sewage pipes under the ground, or you can use the steps to cover the pipeline. The pubulic restroom on the second floor can only cover the pipes under the steps, or you can consider the horizontal setting type toilet.

male ablution block designs

female ablution block designs

shower ablution block designs

ablution block Combination designs

Ablution Blocks Video

Do you have a team of workers who spend extended periods outdoors? They will need the ablution toilet block and portable shower blocks. K-HOME’s toilets and shower blocks are available in a variety of sizes. Each structure is equipped with tooth holes for easy transportation and/or manipulation of cranes and forklifts. Each ablution block can be directly connected to the sewer or portable waste bins. By combining these waste bins, these facilities can be placed almost anywhere without a sewer connection, because it ensures that the entire packaging is completely independent.

K-HOME Portable ablution block units system

For the portable ablution container, the weakest parts determine the service life. Toilet room and shower room needs frequently clean with water, so waterproof treatment is a quite important and necessary process. Modular toilet shower blocks are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy to assemble, movable, fireproof, and waterproof. The house is fast installation. It only takes 3 people about 4 hours to accomplish one standard container installation. Simple and easy to operate. it will greatly save your time and cost.

We consider most for the floor structure in the ablution unit, usually we use 3 waterproof layers, aluminum, felt and construction cement, those are all well know waterproof material, besides those, we also use an exhaust fan, drainage pipe, etc to support the moisture air go out quickly. About the ground: cement board + waterproof felt + aluminum board. Three layers of protection, and fast drainage. So that your ablution units ground is easy to clean and not easy to slip.

The second is about our roof system: Our roof system adopts a sloping roof, and the water does not accumulate on the roof but flows down. At the same time, we have 4 water gutters on the roof beam, plus 4 drainpipes in the column. Rainwater can flow down easily, and will not wet your house.

ablution block facilities benefits

  • Prefabricated structure, rapid construction, easy to move.
  • With the closed device, no smell leaks.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reasonable toilet layout, customizable.
  • Independent energy supply and sewage treatment system.
  • Suitable for various humid and corrosive environments.
  • Beautiful appearance, Green environmental protection.
  • Over 20 years of service life.
  1. More Convenient Installation Method: One of the main reasons why ablution solutions are recognized and widely used is that the installation workers of container toilets are very convenient. They only need to be transported to a designated place by truck, and each drain and defecation pipe can be connected immediately. The highest efficiency solves the problem of the lack of toilets in some public places.
  2. Lower Engineering Cost:Another important reason why the popular container toilet can be reused and gradually replaced with the traditional toilet is its lower engineering cost. Traditional toilets must be built with walls and bricks just like building a house. Not only is the construction time delayed and people use it, but the cost is also quite high. The industry-leading container toilets only need to be transported to the destination for installation, and all other facilities have been integrated into the container.
  3. Complete Facilities and Equipment:As mentioned above, the container toilet has integrated all the facilities in the container, which means that “the sparrow is small and has all its internal organs”. The container can retain the tradition while maintaining the advantages of small size, strong mobility, and convenient installation. With all the functions of the toilet, the user will not reduce the comfort of using the toilet at all.

It can be seen that there are reasons why transportable ablution blocks can be widely recognized and supported by all sectors of society. These container toilets provide construction and users with greater convenience in terms of installation and use, making them the first choice for places lacking public toilets. They can quickly establish a usable and complete system in a short time. The functional toilet makes the missing jigsaw of this livelihood project properly filled.