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How much cost to construct a container house in Tanzania?

Tanzania is the second-most populous country in East Africa and the third-largest economy. A country with a huge population in East Africa. With about 56 million people, Tanzania is the most populous country in East Africa after Ethiopia. Similar to other African countries, it has the largest proportion of young people, with two-thirds of them under the age of 25, adding 8 million new working-age workers every year.

Depend on the big area and population. The construction of a house would be a huge market in Tanzania. Many people want to construct a container house in Tanzania, but many people don’t know the real cost for the container house in Tanzania.

K-HOME Detachable prefab container house is a flat pack container, which can make all components prebuilt in the factory and quick installation on site. Normally for a standard modular container house in Tanzania, Size is 3m Width by 6m Length, Height 2.8m, the cost of each modular container is around USD2000~2500. The cost has included all roof, wall, floor finishes, lights, switches, electrical system, windows, doors, etc. This means you just need to live in it at once while you finish the container house installation in Tanzania.

Can we make double storey container house in Tanzania?

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Because of the modular design structure with a strong steel frame, the modular container home could make a single-story house, double-story house, or three-story house. Every modular have an independent structure, you can combine the modular very easily one by one to make multi-floor buildings in Tanzania by container modular.

What kind of building could be made by prefab container house in Tanzania?

Modular type prefab container house is very flexible using for different kinds of buildings. Many kinds of buildings as follows could be made by modular container homes because of their fast-building speed long-life span, beautiful appearance.

  • Container Modular Site Office
  • Portable Site Office
  • Prefabricated Steel Building Camp
  • Prefab Labor Canteen
  • Prefab Labor Mess
  • Prefab Schools and Classrooms
  • Prefab Container Barracks

How to converse a container house in Tanzania?

K-HOME prefab container house is a modular design, all structures are connected by bolts and nuts. Very fast to build one container house in Tanzania. If you want to study how to converse a container house in Tanzania, you could check the following video link.

How many labors do we need to make container house conversions in Tanzania?

Thanks to the modular design for the container house, a standard container house (3x6m) could finish installation within 4 hours by 3 people, it is very fast, isn’t it? Even you want to construct 100 rooms, it only takes 10 days for 15 people. Quite fast than traditional building techniques, and all of that container house could move whatever you need from one place to another. Flatpack and accommodation containers could save a lot of time for construction for the Tanzania market.

How can we place a order for container house in Tanzania?

First, we can make a perfect house layout design before the budget, You can choose the house function as what you like, such as big windows, glass doors, kitchen, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. The container house design could help you make a good arrangement and cost control for your house project.

Second, after we confirmed the container house layout drawing, then you can get a very accurate quotation with a detailed material list for your final check. All material costs, delivery costs, installation costs have been considered very well in the quotation sheet. You will feel no worry about quality or service after you see everything in advance before payment.

Third, after the order is confirmed, you can get the material within 1~2 months, then you can start your installation work. The total project from order to installation fished will only take you 2 months in Tanzania. It seems good, right? Even a very big project with hundreds of rooms also will take time like that. It is an unbelievable quick speed.

Fourth, you can live it at once, all roof, wall, floor, furniture’s, bathroom facilities, Lights, Switches, etc., already finished. All materials are environment-friendly and fireproof materials. Safe and reliable. So why not order your container house in Tanzania now?

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