Portable Container living Quarters in Malaysia

Product: Accommodation Containers
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Staff Accommodation
Quantity: 60 Units
Time: 2020
Location: Malaysia

Container living Quarters
Container living Quarters

The container living quarters are built in Malaysia for construction site workers, they have awarded a big project last for 5 years, also, they need to transport to another location, we recommend portable container solution.


  1. The clients never use container product before and they don’t has any draft designs.
  2. There aren’t leave enough budget for the temporary living quarter.
  3. The location is rainy and humid.
  4. They don’t has enough installation machines.


Based on the only information of accommodate 200 workers, we recommend a similar design for their reference, they give some revised suggestions accordingly, finally, they prefer 2 layer building,  we expand the bedroom size from 3*6 m to 9*6m, and every layer has shower and toilet room.

Malaysia weather is wet and easy to rust, we recommend a double slope roof above the container, it can prevent the heat and let rainwater flow down easily.

moreover, every connection between wall and structure, window and wall, door and wall, and the screw are sealed or stick waterproof slip to avoid water into the house.

the 2-story portable camp is made of the same units, every unit is screw combined by hand, so once combined one unit, one crane is enough when stacking container on the first floor.

Modular worker camp is 30%-50% lower than a traditional brick house, meanwhile, the shorter construction period can save much staff fees.


All container living quarters are built already, the electricity and pipe system is arranged, they feedback the steel structure is enough strong, and the connection is sealed tightly, workers are expected to live in as soon as possible.

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Portable living Quarters Solutions

Portable Container Living Quarters is a kind of simple mobile house that has emerged in recent years. Because this kind of prefab house is simple, low cost, good thermal insulation effect, and is suitable for living, it is widely used in the market. Modular container houses can be converted into ground-level offices, container canteens, sleeping quarters containers, and other places according to their needs, so they are very popular.
Modular containers in urban areas are common for construction sites camp. The mobile houses used in the construction project are temporary houses, which can be as short as several months and as long as several years. They must be demolished after the project is completed.

The container mobile house has the characteristics of recycling. After the completion of the project, the construction site dormitory and modular administrative office space can be dismantled and moved to other construction sites for use. The site of the construction site is different, but the basic space usage will not change much, and the residential container house can meet these requirements.
Some cities have special requirements for the appearance of the city, and the design and construction of construction site mobile houses are more particular. Although they are only temporary houses, these modular mobile houses often become the signboard of construction companies.

Industrial and mining enterprises mainly include engineering units such as mines, oil fields, water conservancy, and electric power. The working locations of these companies are generally remote and change frequently, and the construction conditions in the field are relatively poor. Residential containers can meet the needs of such companies.

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